Cupid's Pulse Article: Rob Pattinson Thinks Kristen Stewart Looks “Amazing” as a BrideCupid's Pulse Article: Rob Pattinson Thinks Kristen Stewart Looks “Amazing” as a Bride

Aside from the Royal Wedding and Kim Kardashian’s fairy tale nuptials, the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I is due to premiere in just a couple of days with one of the most anticipated “I do’s” of the year. To the building anticipation to see Kristen Stewart make her way down the aisle, Rob Pattinson had this to say: “It’s a white dress,” he joked. “But it’s beautiful, it’s an incredible dress. She looks amazing.” Not only did Pattinson enjoy seeing his on-and-off-screen girlfriend all glammed up in her wedding dress, but he also gained a new appreciation for real-life nuptials, according to People. As the on-screen groom, he realized that his role in the wedding was minuscule compared to Stewart’s.  “She had to deal with all the nerves, all the heavy lifting in the scene,” said Pattinson. “You suddenly realize that the role of a man, the role of a groom in a wedding, is that of a prop.”

What are three ways that a man can best contribute to the planning of his wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

Weddings can be stressful and exciting at the same time. Don’t let your man miss out on all the hard work or the fun. Here are some ways to have him contribute:

1. Taste tester: Men love any excuse to eat, so take them along to taste all the possible flavors for your wedding cake and dinner meal.  Along with the joy of sitting next to his bride-to-be, a satisfied belly can only add to the happiness. Also, if alcohol is being served at the reception, make sure his favorites are on the menu.

2. Let him manage the budget: If he has good math skills, let him handle the money side of things. This way he will feel in charge, while you still have the opportunity to pick the theme and create the wedding of your dreams … without going broke.

3. Help make the lists: There are two important lists that contribute to a wedding’s success: the invitation list and the DJ’s playlist.  Sit down and write the them together. It’ll be a good way to get even more excited about the big day together.

How did your hubby help with the wedding plans? Share your comments below.