Cupid's Pulse Article: Fall 2011: First Date OutfitsCupid's Pulse Article: Fall 2011: First Date Outfits

By Maggie Voelker

Introduction to Series

I used to think securing the first date was the hard part … and then I had to dress for one. I wanted to look good, but not appear like I was trying too hard.  It was Fall so the weather was unpredictable – would we have a freak blizzard or would I be blinded by the sun?  I knew the date included a hockey game, but then what?  I was lost.

After giving my roommate a fashion show of options, I finally settled on the appropriate “hockey game meets possible dinner meets possible bar” ensemble. After the drama of picking my outfit, I decided it would be my gift to humankind to write a post on first date get-ups.

Making a good first impression is crucial. You’ve got to dress like you’re excited to be there – even if “here” is a sub-zero hockey rink. Learn from my dramatic first date experience and read on to find a few first date outfits.

Coffee or Lunch

Gals: For this casual date, comfy-cute is key! Try an over-sized sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and ankle boots. Style it up with a pair of cute sunglasses, a shoulder bag and accessories. It says, “Yup, I look this great without even trying.”

Cupid's Pulse Article: Fall 2011: First Date Outfits

Guys: Keep it casual with a pair of jeans and a trendy sweater.  Don’t forget the t-shirt or undershirt – chest hair on the first date is a huge no, no. Accessorize with a pair of slip-on shoes or Chucks and over-sized aviators. Oh, and please remember to shower (note: this applies to all future first date outfits).

Cupid's Pulse Article: Fall 2011: First Date Outfits

Stay tuned for the next outfit for the dinner and movie date.