Cupid's Pulse Article: Rumor: Rob Pattinson Is ‘Desperate for Affection’ From Kristen StewartCupid's Pulse Article: Rumor: Rob Pattinson Is ‘Desperate for Affection’ From Kristen Stewart

The forbidden love story within the Twilight Saga has become a phenomenon, as audiences watch mortal Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) fall deeply and helplessly in love with vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). There seems to be no limit to the dangers Bella will put herself in as she pursues her relationship with Edward, and her biggest fear is having to live without him.  The on-set romance has flourished into a two-and-a-half-year real-life relationship, but when it comes to reality, the movie stars’ roles have reversed. Insiders told that Pattinson is “desperate for affection” from Stewart. The actor, 25, is eager to settle down, but Stewart, 21, isn’t quite ready for him to put a ring on it.  “He’s always worried about her leaving him. She will blow him off, and it makes him crazy,” said the source.

What do you do if your partner doesn’t show enough affection?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although affection cannot be directly taught, if you’re partner was raised in a family that rarely showed affection, then it’s up to you to show them how it’s done. Here are some tips:

1. Create rituals: If your partner has a hard time expressing their feelings for you, put little signs of affection into your daily routine. Kiss each other hello and goodbye. Whenever you see one another or hang up the phone, say “I love you.” Also, make sure to call each other every day when you both have a break in your schedule.

2. Be respectful: Not everyone is into PDA, so you have to be respectful of your partner’s comfort level. Communicate with each other about what you like and don’t like, and then you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect. Just because you can’t show affection one way doesn’t mean there’s not a better alternative.

3. Take the lead: Maybe your partner is afraid to be affectionate because they lack confidence. Next time you’re walking down the street, take their hand first, kiss them in a public place (keep it classy), or spontaneously tell them you love them. Show your partner that you’re comfortable displaying how much you like them, and hopefully they return the feeling.

How did you get your partner to start showing affection? Share your experiences below.