Cupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Simpson Will Wed Eric Johnson After Baby is BornCupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Simpson Will Wed Eric Johnson After Baby is Born

After months of tabloid rumors about Jessica Simpson’s potential baby bump, she has finally confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with her first child. According to People, the new baby with fiance, Eric Johnson, wasn’t exactly planned, but wasn’t something they were trying avoid either. The singer/fashion designer and former NFL player are still completely committed to getting married, although it will now probably happen after the baby is born. “It’s just going to be at a later date now [because] they really want to enjoy this time in their lives,” said a source close to the couple.

What are the advantages to waiting until after your baby is born to tie the knot?

Cupid’s Advice:

Since every wedding is unique, there’s no perfect formula for a wedding. But, if you’re pregnant before the wedding, there are some advantages to waiting until after the baby is born to have the ceremony.

1.  Your child can be part of the ceremony: It’s both adorable and meaningful to make your child an active part of your wedding.  If they’re old enough, they can even be the flower girl or ring bearer.

2.  The dress is a better fit: It’s hard to fit into a wedding dress with a baby bump, but once you get your figure back, you’ll look fabulous.

3.  A kid-friendly wedding: At most weddings, the kids are left at home. If your child is part of your wedding, however, your guests can bring their kids along, too.

How long should you wait after having a child to get married? Share your ideas below.