Cupid's Pulse Article: Robin Williams Ties the Knot for the Third TimeCupid's Pulse Article: Robin Williams Ties the Knot for the Third Time

Robin Williams has found the love of his life … for the third time.  Williams, 60, made it official by tying the knot with Susan Schneider on Sunday at the Meadowood Resort in Napa Valley, California.  Even though Williams swore he would never remarry after divorcing his second wife in 2008, the comedian has found love with Schneider, a graphic designer.  According to RadarOnline,  the two met right before Williams underwent heart surgery in 2009.  While taking care of the actor, Schneider managed to mend and win over his heart.

Why are men smitten for women who take care of them when they’re sick?

Cupid’s Advice:

Men can become big babies when they feel under the weather.  From a small cold to a major health issue, they often cling to the women in their lives to care for them.  The next time you feel overwhelmed or annoyed while looking after your sick partner, remember why he adores you as his private nurse:

1. He trusts you: Your man trusts you enough to put down his guard and act like a sick baby.  Although it can be too much at times, remember how comfortable he is with you.

2. His mother: The truth is, your guy loves you to take care of him because his mother used to do it.  Obviously he cares for you in a different way, as well, but men tend to be attracted to women who remind them of their mothers.

3. You stick by him: Even though being sick gets him a free pass to be immature and demanding, your partner is really able to see that you’re in the relationship for the long run, through sickness and health.

Does your guy put on a show when he’s sick? Share your stories below.