Cupid's Pulse Article: Cate Edwards Marries College SweetheartCupid's Pulse Article: Cate Edwards Marries College Sweetheart

Cate Edwards, daughter of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, married her college sweetheart, Trevor Upham in a North Carolina ceremony on Saturday.  With the recent passing of her mother just ten months prior, Cate made sure to add small touches in remembrance of not only her mother, but her late brother and Trevor’s deceased grandparents.  A candle arrangement was lit in memory of the family members, and a Maya Angelou poem was read during the ceremony.  “We just want this to be really happy and really joyous and that’s what my mother would want, ” Edwards gushed to People.  The reception was held at the Edwards’ estate ending an amazing day immersed in the spirit of family.

How do you include a deceased family member in your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

Subtle touches of deceased loved ones infused in your wedding are sure to keep them in everyone’s memory. Remember that they would want you to be happy, so keep the atmosphere positive:

1. Light a candle : Lighting a candle in honor of those who have passed is a simple yet touching way to keep them in your memory during the ceremony.

2. Favorite song: If you shared a favorite tune with those who passed, playing it at the reception is a good way to honor them.

3. Something old: For your “something old,” tying something from your loved one into your attire is a great way to include them in your wedding. A piece of jewelry or clothing is easy to incorporate into your dress.

How do you include a deceased family member in your wedding? Tell us your story below.