Cupid's Pulse Article: JLo Breaks Down During Song About Lost LoveCupid's Pulse Article: JLo Breaks Down During Song About Lost Love

On Saturday night, Jennifer Lopez broke down on stage in front of her fans.  The teary eyed songstress paid homage to her old relationships after singing her past hit, If You Had My Love at Mohegan Sun concert in Montville, Ct.  Lopez used the stage as her own personal therapy session.  According to, a look-a-like P. Diddy (dated for 2.5 years) , Ben Affleck (engaged to in from 2002-2004), and Marc Anthony (who she recently divorced) all took the stage while JLo sang her new love songs.  Hey, we’re not judging. Whatever it takes, like  JLo’s song says to Get Right.

What are some ways to reveal your emotions about lost love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Getting your emotions out is a part of moving on and healing after a breakup.  We don’t all have a stage like JLo, so here are some average ways to reveal your emotions after a lost love:

1. Talk it out: Tell someone you trust–a girlfriend or sibling–how you feel about your past relationship and what you want out of a new one. It’s okay to cry on someone’s shoulder.

2. Writing: Expressing your feelings in a journal, poem, or letter is very therapeutic and just between you and the paper.

3. Social Media: Although it’s never a good idea to bash your exes, revealing your emotions on Twitter or Facebook can be empowering. Just pretend your social platform is your stage, and Jennifer Lopez will be proud.

How do you reveal your emotions after a breakup? Share your comments below.