Cupid's Pulse Article: Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse’s Wedding Was Eco-FriendlyCupid's Pulse Article: Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse’s Wedding Was Eco-Friendly

It stands to reason that Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse would have the ultimate green wedding, as the pair initially met on a project they did for the Environmental Media Awards.  “We got assigned to adopt a school garden together,” said Smart at the 2011 EMA’s in Burbank, Calif.  “We met, and we were both in relationships, so we just remained friends.  And then we both got out of relationships around the same time, a year ago this summer.  And then a year later we got married.”  At their wedding last month, Smart and Oosterhouse saw to it that only one bag of trash was generated for 200 people, according to People.  Now, that’s impressive!

Cupid’s Advice:

What are some ways to keep your wedding green?

There’s no doubt that having a lot of people in one place can generate a lot of waste.  Weddings are one of those occasions where masses of people get together to celebrate.  Here are some ways to keep your wedding eco-friendly:

1. Use recycled and re-purposed decorations: Instead of investing in brand new decorations you’ll never use again (and will most likely throw away), either use decorations you’ve utilized at past occasions or buy decorations made out of recycled materials.

2. Send out electronic invitations: You waste a lot of precious materials by sending out paper invitations, and they’re almost always thrown out after the fact.  Send out e-mail notifications instead.

3. Cut down on trash: Follow in Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse’s steps and cut down on waste you produce at your ceremony and reception.  Use plates, glasses and silverware that can be washed and used again.  Request that your guests don’t wrap your gifts.  Say “no” to paper or plastic decorations that will simply be tossed after your big day is over.

What are some other ways to have a green wedding? Share your ideas below.