Cupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough Are Caught Kissing in PublicCupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough Are Caught Kissing in Public

Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough are further fueling circulating relationship rumors.  The duo was seen kissing in the back room of LA’s Trousdale Lounge, reports People.  Though Conrad brought pal Lo Bosworth and Hough brought friend Mark Ballas, the two spent most of their time together.  “It was obvious there was a lot of chemistry between the two,” said an onlooker.  “[Conrad] was very smitten.  Neither seemed embarrassed about kissing in public.”

How do you show your affection in public without being obvious?

Cupid’s Advice:

Subtlety is key when it comes to public displays of affection.  Here are a few ways to keep your PDAs under the radar:

1. Hold hands: Holding hands is a way to show your affection without drawing attention from others.  It’s a simple gesture that means little to the people around you, but can mean plenty to you and your partner.

2. Stay close: Standing closer together or sitting near each other at a table is an easy way to show your partner your affection without being obvious.

3. Keep it short: If you do want to kiss or hug your partner in public, keep it short.  People passing by will not notice a quick smooch, but they will notice a prolonged kiss.

How do you keep your public displays of affection unnoticed?  Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below!