Cupid's Pulse Article: Buddy Valastro and Wife Renew Wedding Vows After 10 YearsCupid's Pulse Article: Buddy Valastro and Wife Renew Wedding Vows After 10 Years

Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro decided to take a different approach to the typical wedding renewal ceremony.  The Jersey baker and his wife, Lisa Valastro, celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary aboard a Disney Cruise ship in the tropics.  The second wedding took place on October 15th with the couple surrounded by all of their closest family and friends. Valastro tells People that he wanted to include his four children in the proposal.  He had them come into his Hoboken shop and make cupcakes spelling out “Marry Us.”  “It was pretty cool,” he said.  “The kids were on their knees and I was, too.  My wife deserves it.”

Where are some “out of the box” locations to have a renewal ceremony?

Cupid’s Advice:

Wedding renewal ceremonies can be done in new and exciting ways these days.  Try to choose a venue that would interest not only you and your partner, but also your kids and other family members as well:

1. The zoo: Surrounded by a plethora of animals, the zoo makes a fun and interesting backdrop for a second wedding.  It’s also fun for children and guests alike to see the different creatures.

2. Las Vegas: Despite what one may think, it is possible to have a an elegant Vegas wedding.  Whether intimate or large, the casino atmosphere can be extremely entertaining for a renewal ceremony.

3. Home: It may not seem unique, but what better place is there to renew your vows than the place where you’ve built your life and family?  With a little bit of sprucing up, your home can become the perfect venue to marry your partner again.

What are some unlikely venues you would consider for a renewal ceremony? Let us know below.