Cupid's Pulse Article: Shannen Doherty Gets MarriedCupid's Pulse Article: Shannen Doherty Gets Married

Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Shannen Doherty married photographer Kurt Iswarienko on Saturday, reports People.  Doherty, 40, and Iswarienko, 37, were married on a private hillside estate in Malibu.   Doherty has been married twice before, to actor Ashley Hamilton and Paris Hilton sex-tape costar Rick Salomon.  “Marriage to me is such a gigantic commitment that it’s not something I’d ever go into lightly anymore,” said the actress in an interview last year.  “I’ve learned my lesson.”

How can you increase your chances for a successful marriage?


Cupid’s Advice:

The divorce rate has skyrocketed in recent years, and the percentage of marriages that end in divorce is only increasing as time goes on.  Here are a few ways to make sure that you and your partner last:

1. Have similiar goals: Before tying the knot, make sure that you and your partner have similar goals.  You may be perfect for each other now, but in 10 years you may not be.  Make sure that you both wish for similar things in life.

2. Be forgiving: Everybody makes mistakes, and your partner is no different.  Every marriage has its ups and downs, and you will have to be forgiving in order to make the marriage last.

3. Think it through: If you love your partner but are unsure about marriage, it’s okay to take the relationship slow.  Don’t feel pressured into a marriage.  Take your time, and be completely confident in your decision before tying the knot.

How do you keep your marriage healthy?  Feel free to share your experience in a comment below!