Cupid's Pulse Article: Two Dates for the Price of OneCupid's Pulse Article: Two Dates for the Price of One

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By Amy Calhoun

When I received the opportunity to try out, I was a bit skeptical.  But only a few days after posting my profile, I started to receive interest from men in my inbox.  Most of the members who messaged me used a feature called, ‘I’m Intrigued.’  It was flattering to be ‘intrigued’ by people but nothing more really came of it.  After a while, it felt like a cop-out and the connections began to feel sterile and less intimate.

One of the main features of is that you can post on your profile the type of date you wish to have with someone.  I played around with a few different date ideas including a simple one about going out for Sushi. After my second week on the site, a message came in my inbox that made my heart skip a beat.  The note was personal and created especially for me by a guy named Eric.  After messaging back and forth a few times, we exchanged phone numbers.  Keeping my expectations low, so as not to get my hopes smashed to little pieces, I put Eric  in the back of my mind. To my surprise, a couple of days later, he contacted me and asked me out to lunch.  We set a date, time and place and I secretly counted down the days.

Once the day of our date arrived, I woke up feeling a little bit different. I could not explain why but the process of picking out my outfit, putting on my make-up and anticipating what the afternoon was going to hold for me, shook me up a little bit inside.  As I drove to the restaurant, thoughts kept swirling around in my head. What if this guy is a total dud? What if he looks nothing like he does in his photos online? Deep breaths, Amy.

It had been a while since I had gone on a date and I was feeling a bit nervous.  I walked up to the restaurant, pulled open the door and walked in.  He had told me he was sitting on the left side of the restaurant and when I saw him I felt a wave of relief; he looked even better than his photos! We decided what kind of sushi we were going to get and each ordered a roll that the other one had never tried before; I was determined to make him a believer of eel avocado.  After chowing down all of our sushi and exchanging our “saved” stories (another feature exclusive to, we realized that the waiters were giving us dirty looks. What had started as a lunch date was now overlapping into dinner. He had picked up the check an hour ago but we couldn’t stop talking. We finally left and said our goodbyes.  It was an amazing first date.  That evening Eric texted me for a second date for that very same week.

I want to take this time out to thank  Prior to signing up for this site, I felt that I had lost my ability to date. I was having absolutely no luck meeting guys.  If nothing else, gave me the confidence to hold my head up high and get back into my groove again.

Since writing this post, Eric and I did go on our second date and this week we are onto our third.  For anyone who was ever skeptical about online dating, this really can work.  And now, is offering a One Month FREE TRIAL. Simply use this discount code: ‘FallDating’. Take it from me, you don’t want to miss out on a potential opportunity.