Cupid's Pulse Article: Chris Harrison Says Ladies Are Excited for ‘Bachelor’ Ben FlajnikCupid's Pulse Article: Chris Harrison Says Ladies Are Excited for ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik

During the casting of the upcoming season of The Bachelor, the ladies in question found out for whom they would be vying, according to People.  Chris Harrison, the host of the show, had nothing but positive things to say about the women’s reaction to the news that Ben Flajnik would be the new Bachelor.  “We were able to tell the girls, you know, who our bachelor was.  So, they’re fired up.  And if they’re excited, then it’s going to be a good season,” he said.

How do you keep yourself from getting too excited around your crush?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes when you really like someone, it’s easy to get overly excited around them.  This can often drive them away.  Cupid has some advice:

1. Rationalize: This is easy said than done, but try to temper your emotions by thinking logically.  More than likely, your feelings are ones of lust at the beginning, and coming on too strong may be a false reaction.

2. Focus on other things: Instead of spending your time thinking about your potential partner all day everyday, keep your mind occupied with other hobbies and interests.

3. Comfort food: Sometimes all you need to stay calm is a good solid meal filled with protein and carbohydrates, otherwise known as comfort food.

How do you keep your cool around your crush? Share your experiences below.