Cupid's Pulse Article: A Refreshing New Approach to Online Dating with HowAboutWe.comCupid's Pulse Article: A Refreshing New Approach to Online Dating with

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By Amy Calhoun

My Lucky Break

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to try out the new dating site,  My experience in the online dating world isn’t all that extensive, I’ve registered for a few sites in the past but didn’t have much luck.  So, when the opportunity came my way to try out, I was excited to explore a new option but didn’t hold much hope that it would be successful.

More Than a Profile and Picture

Instead of being excited, I procrastinated at the thought of filling out another boring profile and digging up a photo that made me look universally appealing.  But, from the moment I began the process on I realized that this wasn’t just another online dating site.  This site was fun, unique and less pressured than the others.  The site focuses on the date, not the dater.  This concept attracts like-minded folks who have something in common (aka: a reason to connect). I love the idea that you’re not judging a person just by a photo and picture.

Simple, Fun and Exciting to Join

To sign-up was so easy. All that I had to do was note my preference of gender, age range and location.  To create my profile, I uploaded a photo (which you can even do with the help of your Facebook account!) and answered a list of questions.  the cool thing was that they weren’t the lame, ordinary questions that other sites use, such as ‘Do you want children in the future?’ or ‘What is your body type?’  These questions were interesting like, “What do you secretly want to be?’ and ‘What movie have you watched the most times?’

The questions seemed odd at first but then I got to thinking, “If I could find a guy who loves spicy brown mustard as much as I do, it would be totally worth it!”  After amusing myself with the process, the real fun began!  I started posting date ideas surrounding activities that I really wanted to do.  HowAboutWe.. go rock climbing? Or,  HowAboutWe…shop for Halloween costumes together?  HowAboutWe…take a helicopter around Manhattan?  The sky is the limit (pun intended).

New Date Ideas = New People

What I love the most about the site is that my profile is always fresh and exciting.  If it’s raining outside and I want to stay local, I can look for another dater who feels the same.  When I’m feeling adventurous, I can find rock climbing partners or someone who wants to go running.   Because new date ideas are revised so often, it’s easy to find new people with common interests to mine.  Right now, my profile says, HowAboutWe..go out for Sushi.  As benign as that may sound, it worked and I have a date planned this week.

So for now, HowAboutWe….See What Happens.

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