Cupid's Pulse Article: Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Are Spotted in Vegas Hanging As FriendsCupid's Pulse Article: Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Are Spotted in Vegas Hanging As Friends

Jonas Brothers singer Joe Jonas and ex-girlfriend Ashley Greene were spotted hanging out with some friends in Las Vegas’  Tao Nightclub.  The club was full of celebrities in celebration of it’s 1000th Night in Business.  People reports that Jonas had dinner downstairs before heading upstairs to the party hosted by Jay-Z.  He joined a table with Greene, Rob Kardashian and Dancing With the Stars partner Cheryl Burke.  Jonas and Greene seemed to be friendly with one another, while at the same time mingling with everyone else.  There are no reports of anything happening other than two civil exes having a good time.

How do you become friends with an ex after a bitter break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

After a bad break-up it’s hard to go back to being friends. Its important to get some closure and let go of any animosity between you and your ex before trying your hand at friendship.

1. Talk it out: Meet up with your ex and calmly discuss what lead to your break-up.  A lunch date at a neutral location always helps to break the ice a little bit.  This will help both you of you to heal and start fresh.

2. Don’t be awkward: If you happen to unexpectedly run into your ex at a club or restaurant, don’t avoid them or make the situation uncomfortable. Take a deep breath and say “hello”.  Yes, it may be awkward at first, but it could lead to a surprising civil and friendly conversation.

3. Keep in touch: Once the two of you have gotten past the bitterness of your previous relationship, keep in touch with one another.  Exchange phone numbers or e-mail addresses (if they’ve changed since you broke up) and make sure to check up on each other every once in a while.

How do you become friends with your ex after a bad breakup?  Tell us your story below.