Cupid's Pulse Article: Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston EngagedCupid's Pulse Article: Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston Engaged

Bristol Palin, daughter of politician Sarah Palin, is engaged to Levi Johnston, US Weekly revealed yesterday.  The couple told the magazine that they have been engaged for two weeks, despite not having the approval of their parents.  The two have rekindled their romance after splitting up last year, just months after the birth of their son, Tripp, in December 2008.

Can a baby-daddy turn into a good husband and father?

Cupid’s Advice:

Johnston’s actions during and after the birth of his son, from posing for Playgirl magazine to his public war of words with Palin’s family, shows he has a lot of making up to do.  Here are some of Cupid’s tips for dealing with an unplanned pregnancy:

1. Be involved: Both partners need to be involved in their own relationship with each other, as well as the impending relationship with their child, from the get go.  Make real plans for the future – a child you created together is on its way!

2. Time to grow up: No matter how old you are, having a child means it’s time to act like an adult.  Another life will depend on you for survival.  It’s imperative you take on a parental role.

3. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’: This isn’t about just one person anymore.  Your and your partner’s needs must be balanced with what will be best for you as a couple, and for your child.  Even if you aren’t yet officially a family, you must function like one for things to run smoothly.