Cupid's Pulse Article: Sandra Bullock & Baby Louis Leave AustinCupid's Pulse Article: Sandra Bullock & Baby Louis Leave Austin

Spotted!  Sandra Bullock was seen last weekend at an airport in Austin with baby Louis, People reported Monday.  The mother-son duo was en route to California, where Bullock attended a funeral.  Since her much publicized divorce from Jesse James last month, the actress has slowly stepped back into the public eye, attending award shows, and toting Louis around, enthusiastically accepting her new role as a mom.

How can you make traveling with kids easier?

Cupid’s Advice:

Kids will almost never sit still, and taking them on a plane ride can be a hassle.  Cupid has some tips to keep you sane – even through some turbulence.

1. Airline help: Visit your airline’s website for information on flying with an infant or child.  This can give you heads up on how helpful they will or won’t be when you fly.

2. Mealtime: Always check your child’s food before giving it to him or her.  Airline food can be too hot for a young child, and depending on your airline, baby food may not be available.

3. Remember some entertainment: Pack at least four or five toys for your child to play with, but don’t let him or her have it all at once.  Once you’re on the plane, bring the toys out one by one.  This way, you can get the most out of one toy’s ability to entertain your child before you move onto the next.