Cupid's Pulse Article: NBC ‘Chuck’ Star Vik Sahay Shares 10 Love Lessons for Men (Lester Patel Style)Cupid's Pulse Article: NBC ‘Chuck’ Star Vik Sahay Shares 10 Love Lessons for Men (Lester Patel Style)

By Whitney Baker

With the fifth and final season of NBC’s television series, ‘Chuck’, set to premiere this month, fans of the show are anxiously awaiting its return. When we last left the gang, Chuck (Zachary Levi) had to lead a team to fight against a deadly plot by Vivian Volkoff (Lauren Cohan) to save his bride, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) — all the while planning the beginning stages of his freelance spy agency.

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Canadian actor, Vik Sahay, who has been a series regular since the second season, plays Lester Patel, a “Nerd Herd” member and vocalist of Buy More’s resident rock band, Jeffster.  When asked about his relationships for the upcoming season, he reveals that he wants his character to find the right girl, and “to be made a better man by a big, bad love.” Of course, it’ll take more than your average woman to capture Lester’s heart.  “She must be beautiful, smart, daring, and powerful,” explains Sahay.  “I don’t think he’d settle for anyone who didn’t scare him a little.”

Before diving into his personal perspective on romance, Sahay gives us a peek into the inner thoughts of his character.  Here are a few lessons in love according to Lester:

1. Don’t ask her to pick you up. If you can’t get your hands on a car, spring for a cab.

2. No arm wrestling.

3. Don’t take calls from your mother at the table.

4. Beer is not a good kissing drink. Vodka is.

5. Smile. No frowning, grimacing, or raging.

6. Laugh at her jokes.

7. Know her name. Remember it throughout the night. Sprinkle it in conversation liberally, but not aggressively.

8. Don’t expect a woman to pay for your dinner.

9. If you intend to bring her back to your place, pack up any cosmetics, including hair products, moisturizers, and fake eyelashes.  A woman does not want to know you have more beauty products than her.

10. Music is great for setting the mood…on a stereo.  Save the serenades for anniversaries down the road, if you can get there.

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For Sahay, there is one piece of romantic advice that rises above the rest: be funny.  “There are well-sculpted hunks of male beef in gyms all over the planet.  You look good, so then what?” he says.  “Laughter is sexy and emotional.  It gets you in your body and opens your heart.  I can’t think of anything more conducive to falling in love.”

Fortunately, Sahay’s relationship history has yet to mirror Lester’s romantic troubles — although he adds, “I have been told that my energy can be exhausting, as I’m sure his would be.”

Even so, dating in Hollywood comes with its own unique challenges.  According to Sahay, the most challenging part is “the fact that everyone is constantly ‘on’ in this town — constantly working, constantly career-building, etc.”  He expands, “Plus, with distances across the city (and insane working hours), it’s a major commitment to hook up for a drink, making it tough to be casual about it.”

That’s not to say that it doesn’t have its benefits too. The biggest perk?  Sahay says, “Many romantic restaurants have patios year-round. Coming from Toronto, that’s a major plus.”

And if humor and romantic restaurants fail to impress a date, Sahay has one more trick up his sleeve: dancing.  When asked if he’s ever used his dancing skills to win over a woman, he responds, “Oh yes. Many a move has been busted on dates.”

Tune into the season premiere of Chuck on NBC on Friday, October 28 at 8/7 c.