Cupid's Pulse Article: Kelsey Grammer Asks Seperated Wife to the TonysCupid's Pulse Article: Kelsey Grammer Asks Seperated Wife to the Tonys

According to sources from the New York Post, Kelsey Grammer asked wife Camille Donatacci to accompany him at this year’s Tony Awards – even though he dumped her via telephone a month ago.  Donatacci stayed at the London Hotel, and made public appearances with the Frasier star during her stay, but the actor would not let her into his apartment, or discuss any means of reconciliation, said the sources.  Donatacci, Grammer’s third wife, filed for divorce in June, citing “irreconcilable differences.”  She is seeking custody of their daughter, Mason, 8 and son Jude, 5.

How do you face your ex in public?

Cupid’s Advice:

Breakups can be painful – what happens if you run into your ex while you’re out?  Cupid has some tips on maintaining your grace:

1. Expect it: While you shouldn’t be paranoid about seeing your ex, realize that it can happen, especially if you have the same circle of friends, or live in neighboring areas.  Acknowledge your feelings after the break-up – you don’t want to lose your cool, especially in public.

2. Talk smart: It’s always good to have a few conversation topics in mind in case you see your ex, so you don’t start rehashing the past.  Don’t bring up inside jokes or shared past experiences; your ex might assume you aren’t over your relationship.

3. Go ahead – look good! Be confident in yourself.  If you appear happy and upbeat, your former partner will think you’ve moved on (and it won’t look like you’re still wallowing – even if you are).  Seeing you smiling and carefree will only show your ex what he or she is missing.