Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: Natalie Getz and David Good Discuss Bachelor Pad 2’s Season FinaleCupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: Natalie Getz and David Good Discuss Bachelor Pad 2’s Season Finale

This dramatic season of Bachelor Pad 2 has finally come to an end. In this week’s episode, the contenders performed with Cirque de Soleil’s Ka, Blake proposed to Holly, the winners were declared and the next Bachelor was announced. We had a chance to chat with our Bachelor Pad 2 experts, David Good and Natalie Getz, to see what their thoughts were about the season finale.

Kasey and Vienna did quite well in the final challenge, but ultimately didn’t get a chance to compete for the final prize. What are your closing thoughts on how they chose to play the game? Do you think they will remain together long-term?

He said: I think they played the game great! People can dislike them as a couple but they still controlled the whole show till the end. As far as a couple, I wish them the best but I don’t see it working out from what we got to see of them on TV.

She said: They did a great job and really played off of each other’s chemistry very well. I was super impressed! It was very close, so I think the judges could have gone either way. I was with them in San Diego for Jesse Kovac’s wine bar/clothing boutique opening over the weekend, and they still seem very much in love. They certainly have their fair share of fights just like a lot of other couples, but they love each other. Now that they live together, I really can’t see these two separating.

If you had been Michael and Holly, would you have made the same choice they did when they decided to let Graham and Michelle head to the finals with them?

He said: Yes, I would have. It’s about friendship and integrity that goes beyond the show.

She said: No, I would have actually chosen Kasey and Vienna. Graham and Michelle had less drama with the cast, so they would have been a tougher competition. Strategically, they would have received more votes. Turns out, they got all the votes anyway. Then again, had I been a part of season two and saw Michael hurting over the recent news of Holly’s engagement to Blake, I would have voted Michael to win as well. At least he didn’t walk away empty handed.

Michael didn’t know about Holly and Blake’s engagement before the finale. How do you think he handled the news on-camera? And were you surprised when he ultimately decided to “share” the money with Holly?

He said: I think he handled it with class. That goes to show what a good person he is and I would expect nothing less from him. I knew he would share the money with her. That’s the kind of person he is. He deserves better than her anyway.

She said: I think he was in a state of shock that it actually happened and Holly didn’t call to warn him. I was surprised she allowed them to film it to be honest with you. She could have said no and spared Michael’s feelings. I wasn’t surprised at all by Michael sharing the money. I know him well and he has the biggest heart and is sincerely kind and generous in everything he does. He is humble and logical. He once loved Holly and out of maturity, he still wouldn’t want to screw her over. He is almost too good of a person to his own fault.

Are you surprised Blake and Holly are engaged and moving in together so quickly? And what did you think about their on-camera engagement; do you think we will see a Bachelor Pad wedding in the near future? Any other couples from this season that you think may have a wedding in their future?

He said: I am surprised because I know Holly and expected more out of her. She is in love with the thought of falling in love and that is her weakness. I promise you she is very unsure about all this and it’s moving way too fast. I don’t see a wedding in their future but even after everything they did, I still think they deserve to be happy if that’s what they want.

She said: I don’t think we will see any other couple engaged anytime soon unless producers push for it. I was so shocked about the engagement. I didn’t really know what to think when Holly showed me her ring at the wrap party. Of course I was happy for her; she is my friend. That being said, I voiced my concern to her that I was worried about her moving across the country for a 2 month long distant relationship. But like they say….when you know, you know. I’m happy she is happy.

Michael and Holly are the winners of Bachelor Pad 2 — do you agree Michael was the strongest competitor this season? And what exactly do you think Holly brought to the partnership?

He said: Holly was a good support system for Mike believe it or not. He got sympathy points from everyone because of her. I think he played as good or the best of anyone there.

She said: Michael hands down won that game and deserved it. He was by far the strongest competitor with his genuine personality and athletic/coordination skills.

If you’ll miss all the rose action, be sure to catch the premiere of The Bachelor in January, Ben Flajnik has been officially announced as the next Bachelor.  Until next time!