Cupid's Pulse Article: Eva Longoria Is Opposed to Long EngagementsCupid's Pulse Article: Eva Longoria Is Opposed to Long Engagements

Eva Longoria is speaking out against long engagements.  The Desperate Housewives actress says, “I never believe in long engagements.  People think engagement is another step. It’s not another step. You’re single and then you’re married.  The engagement is the planning part.”  She goes on to say that if she were the bride, she’d be like, “All right, let’s get going.”  Although Longoria’s three-year marriage to Tony Parker ended in January 2011 after rumors of an affair on his part, she has found happiness again with Eduardo Cruz.  When asked if she would consider marrying again, she said, “I’m not opposed to it, I just don’t really give it a lot of thought right now.”  Well, here’s to the happy couple!

What are the benefits of a short engagement?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some people choose to have short engagements (like Tara Reid), while others choose to ride it out for years (like Brooke Burke).  Let’s take a look at the benefits to the Tara Reid school of thought:

1. Less time to worry: The lead-up to a wedding can cause a lot of stress.  With a short-term engagement, it may still be a lot of stress packed into a small amount of time … but before you know it, it’s over.

2. You get what you want more quickly: The reason you get engaged is most likely because you’re ready to spend your life with the person you said “yes” to or to whom you proposed.  By not prolonging the engagement, it’s more of an instant gratification.

3. No second guessing wedding plans: Sometimes having more time to plan your nuptials is not exactly a blessing.  As the clock keeps ticking, you have more time to change your mind about things that were already set in stone months ago.  It can cause a lot of work and chaos.

What are some other benefits to a short engagement?  Share your thoughts below.