Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: Natalie Getz and David Good Answer Questions about Bachelor Pad 2 Episode 5Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: Natalie Getz and David Good Answer Questions about Bachelor Pad 2 Episode 5

By Jennifer Harrington

As Labor Day weekend wrapped up, we were all treated to a suspense-filled episode of Bachelor Pad 2!  During the episode, viewers witnessed a strategic challenge, romantic fireworks between Michelle and Graham, Erica’s over-the-top overtures towards Blake, and a final showdown between Blake/Erica and Kirk/Ella.  To make sense of this crazy installment of summer’s guiltiest pleasure, we spoke to David Good and Natalie Getz, winners of Bachelor Pad 1.

Michelle and Graham’s relationship took a big step forward this week — were you surprised they won the competition, given they have not been together for that long?  What did you think about their strategy during the game?

He Said: I think it has been growing; we have just not seen much of them because of the Jake/Vienna/Kasey BS.  Best strategy in a game I have seen yet on the Pad!

She Said: Their strategy was genius.  David and I had a similar strategy last year.  We picked answers that were easy for us to remember, versus the truth.  They are going to win, I just know it.  Keeping quiet and out of the drama is the best thing you can do in the game.  I enjoyed seeing them fall in love this week!  If they got married and had children, the kids might actually be too beautiful.

What were you thinking during Erica and Blake’s date?  Did Erica’s aggressive behavior surprise you, and did you agree with how Blake handled the situation?

He Said: It did not, because I know her.  She is hilarious, and that is Erica.  A different bird for sure, but love her and she is her own person.  I respect that.  I thought Blake did very well handling the situation.

She Said: Blake handled the situation incredibly well, but Erica is my hero!  She is so entertaining to watch and is not afraid to say or do anything on camera.  Her behavior didn’t surprise me one bit and had Blake not already started a relationship with Holly, Erica would have gotten her way.  Trust me!

Why do you think Erica and Blake gave Vienna and Kasey the roses?  Why are Vienna and Kasey still around, if everyone supposedly dislikes them so much?

He Said: They are still around because people are scared to go against them.  Erica and Blake thought if they teamed up with them, they would be safe.  Fail!

She Said: Kasey is great at manipulating people to do what he wants them to do.  I am shocked Erica and Blake did that!  They could have given the roses to Ella and Kirk and gathered the gang to all vote off Kasey and Vienna!  I think people like Vienna and Kasey, but they are just exhausted by their fights.  They are both very nice people, but being cooped up in a house definitely tested their relationship!  Rest assured, they are still in love.

Ella has been very vocal about her desire to win the money — what’s your take on her approach?  Is it winning her sympathy votes?

He Said: Of course it is winning votes.  Lots of people can relate to that.  She has not had an easy life, but in my opinion, the best diamonds form under the most pressure.  I don’t like the fact that she is saying she needs the money so bad though.  There are a lot of single moms making it with way less than what she has.  But it would be nice to see someone with a good heart win.

She Said: It’s definitely winning her sympathy votes.  It’s officially saved her twice at this point.  I, for one, would never vote her off if I was in the house.  As much of it is a game, I have a super soft spot for children and wouldn’t be able to vote her off, even if she was my biggest threat!  I want her son to have a backyard and a home so bad.

After Holly voted Blake off, do you think there is any chance of them re-kindling their romance post Pad?  And, with Blake gone now, how do you think Holly and Michael’s relationship will change?

He Said: I think they for sure could see each other after, but don’t think it will last long. Just my opinion, which in Bachelor history has been 100 percent accurate so far. I gave Ames and Jackie two weeks; they lasted 5 days I heard. So I was off a little! When Mike watches this show, I hope he realizes he is better without her.

She Said: I think we haven’t seen a lot of what’s going on in the house. I think Holly and Blake have spent a ton of time together that we aren’t seeing and I also think she has spent some quality time with Michael. It hurts to watch because they are both my friends. When Holly called off the engagement, Michael was beyond devastated. When she decided she made a mistake and wanted him back, he couldn’t do it and then she was devastated.  I’m just glad they can both still love each other as friends!  I don’t think these two will be getting back together.

Be sure to tune in next Monday night for the next chapter in Bachelor Pad history! And send us your questions for David and Natalie while you’re watching!