Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Recap Episode 5: Vienna and Kasey Start to Crack, Graham and Michelle Hit it Off.Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Recap Episode 5: Vienna and Kasey Start to Crack, Graham and Michelle Hit it Off.

By Steven Zangrillo

The Nearlywed Challenge:

This episode kicked off with Blake and Erica teaming up for the Nearlywed Challenge, an offshoot of the Newlywed Game, despite his real desire to be with Holly. However, Holly had promised Michael that she would stick with him to the end, although her behavior throughout the episode indicated that she might be having second thoughts about that decision.

For the Nearlywed Challenge, couples were paired up and asked questions about their partner.  One person would write down the answer and the other person would try to guess what the other person said.  If the answers matched up, they would get a point.

Kasey and Vienna, the de facto couple of the house, weren’t exactly on point when answering questions (much to the delight of the other housemates).  Michelle and Graham, however, used a brilliant strategy of pre-determined answers to steal the game and snag an incredible date.  Surprisingly, Blake and Erica took second place and although they didn’t get immunity roses, they did earn a date of their own.

Challenge Winners: Michelle and Graham

Immunity and Dates:

Michelle and Graham were the winners and ABC flew them via helicopter to downtown LA where they were dropped off on a rooftop, complete with a pool and private screening of “What’s Your Number?”, a new comedy starring Anna Faris.

The two newly coupled pair  hung out in the pool while the film played, seemingly hitting it off.  They even shared a passionate kiss.

Blake and Erica were the runners-up.  However, they were granted a one-on-one date at a beautiful Spanish Mission.  To say this date was out of the ordinary would be sugar-coating it. First, the couple didn’t even want to be paired together.  Then, they win the challenge and get a date.  They don’t have immunity, but there are two long stemmed red roses staring at them over dinner.  As it turns out, these flowers were given to them in order to save another couple (who inevitably would save them). Or, if you’re Blake you may only care about the rose for the sake of spending more time with Holly because we all know that’s really all he cares about at this point anyway.  So, the second place non-lovers give the roses to Kasey and Vienna — much to the disgust of the other housemates and unintentionally sealing their bad fate.

What’s even funnier is that Erica decides to seduce Blake on the date.  It was almost comical, as Blake deftly shot down her advances one after another.  At this point, Erica threw a wacked-out and bizarre temper tantrum, accusing Blake of disrespecting her.  The best part of all of this, of course, is that Erica was as sober as a bird.

Back at The Pad:

Michael, Holly and Blake:

The drama only continues to heat up between these three. Michael, presumably in the spirit of jealousy, decides to profess his undying love to Holly. Further, he tells her that he will be there waiting for her whenever she wants to come back to him.  This prompts Holly to call Michael out on his lack of communication over the previous three months.  Mostly, she was upset that he never expressed these feelings when the cameras were off.  Needless to say, this soap-opera moment was all for Blake… that is, until he and Erica were sent home.

Ella and Kirk :

Ella, meanwhile, was having serious doubts about her and Kirk’s future on the show after they didn’t receive Immunity Roses.


Blake and Erica came into this episode like a roller coaster, they poorly managed their opportunities to get ahead.  They had no option but to partner up at the end but played the Nearlywed game well enough to gain some leverage.  Their lack of love connection probably set them back from staying in the house.


Cupid’s Pulse is still spot on with our predictions of Michelle, Michael, and Ella. However, that basically leaves one member of every power couple — except for Vienna and Kasey.   Wow, good job we did choosing all of them.  But, if we had to pick the last standing couple, we would go with Michelle and Graham.  They would win love and money.  That would be historical.  We can find out next week during the Season Finale, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you have questions about the Bachelor Pad 2, send them in. We will have former winners, Natalie Getz and David Good with us all season to answer them.