Cupid's Pulse Article: Oskana Grigorieva Discusses Why She Settled with Mel GibsonCupid's Pulse Article: Oskana Grigorieva Discusses Why She Settled with Mel Gibson

It’s official!  Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva accepted last week’s truce deal — worth $3 million — with Mel Gibson, reports.  A forensic accountant analyzed this deal with the $15 million settlement from 2010.  “The previous offer was structured in a way that made its value less than $1 million,” her lawyer Daniel Horowitz said.  “Moreover, it required Oksana to surrender to Gibson all evidence in the criminal case against her, which could have made her subject to criminal charges ranging from bribery to destruction of evidence.”  Grigorieva’s lawyers value the present settlement, which includes 16 years living rent free in a $1.8 million home, $750,000 in periodic payments, payments to attorney fees and rights to her album and videos, “at over $3 million.”

How do you know when to drop an argument in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you’re quarrelling in a relationship, what you want most is to end it.  Here are some suggestions on when to drop an argument:

1. Identified main issue: Once you have both figured out what caused the argument and shared how deeply it impacted each other, it’s safe to move on from it.

2. Fixed the issue: When a resolution to the issue has been decided so you can avoid the argument from resurfacing in the future, it’s best to stop discussing it.

3. Apologized: The best ending to an argument is when one or both of you has apologized sincerely.

When do you think it’s best to drop an argument in a relationship?  Let us know by commenting below.