Cupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Bush and David Lauren: NewlywedsCupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Bush and David Lauren: Newlyweds

After a year of planning, Lauren Bush, the niece of former president George W. Bush,  and David Lauren, the son of fashion designer Ralph Lauren, finally tied the knot.  The couple were wed at the massive Double RL Ranch in Colorado, reports People.  The ranch, named for Ralph Lauren and his wife Ricky Lauren, covers 17,000-acres of land in the Rocky Mountains.  Though the ceremony was on Sunday, the entire weekend was devoted to family activities such as picnics, softball and rodeos.  Lauren Bush faced a tough decision when it came to choosing her married name, but finally settled on Lauren Bush-Lauren, choosing to both take her husband’s name and avoid confusion.

How do you decide whether to take your partner’s last name?

Cupid’s Advice:

Many marriages are becoming more and more modern, with many women choosing to keep their last names.  Here are a few things to consider before making your decision:

1. Outside pressure: Make sure to recognize any outside influence on your decision.  It’s your name, so your family’s traditions or your friend’s ideas should have no major impact.

2. Your ideals: Are you old-fashioned? If so, you may want to take your husband’s name.  If you’re more modern, you should consider keeping your name.  You need to be comfortable with your name, so make sure it’s something that fits with your goals and values.

3. Compromise: It isn’t bad to compromise if you can’t make a decision.  Try hyphenating your last name or combine your last name with your partner’s for something unique and personal.

Do you think a woman should take her husband’s last name?  Feel free to share your opinion in a comment below.