Cupid's Pulse Article: An Introduction for a Lifetime: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew BroderickCupid's Pulse Article: An Introduction for a Lifetime: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

By Bari Lyman, author of Meet to Marry

With so many options for meeting a potential partner these days, like dating sites, speed dating or singles events, we often forget that one of the most successful ways to find that special someone can be through an introduction.  It’s a time-tested and successful model for creating a good match and since the person introducing you is usually a close friend, family member or mentor, they typically have your best interest in mind.

An example of a happy celebrity couple who met via introduction are Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick.  The duo have been happily married for 14 years and were originally introduced through her brother.

If you’re looking for a way to meet someone special, following are some Meet to Marry, Date To Marry tips I share with singles who want to find “the one.”  Hopefully this advice will lead you toward a wonderful and inspiring union.

Be marriage ready, make dating a priority and be open to all possibilities!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick met when her brother introduced the two during a trip to the movies.  Shortly after their initial meeting, they were inseparable. Because they were both open to the possibility of love, they still have a successful marriage to this day.

Never marry potential.

Broderick told People magazine in 1998, “We love each other and let the other person be themselves.  We don’t try to convince the other to be something they’re not.”  A key element for a successful relationship is to be happy with your partner without trying to change him or her.

When it’s right, it will flow.

This celebrity pair was clear about who they were in their relationship and they were both ready to become involved in a serious commitment.  Throughout their marriage, Broderick says that the two have never spent more than two weeks apart.  Marriage-ready people understand that a relationship requires maturity, generosity and self-awareness in order to work.

Be clear about your vision, values, and goals when dating for marriage.

While these two celebrities are from different parts of the country (Ohio and New York City), they share the same important underlying vision.  They are both half-Jewish, so their backgrounds reflect similar religious values as well.  Having a common ground is important for building a family.  They also share mutual admiration for each other and find the same characteristics (such as humor) to be important.

If you’re looking for your happily ever after, try out the tips above and let us know how they work.

Were you introduced to your partner through a friend or family member? Share your experiences below.