Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: David Good and Natalie Getz Discuss Episode 4 of Bachelor Pad 2Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: David Good and Natalie Getz Discuss Episode 4 of Bachelor Pad 2

By Jennifer Harrington

The drama is never-ending on Bachelor Pad 2!  This week’s episode started with Jake’s dramatic farewell, a kissing competition and more emotional breakdowns from Melissa.  Two more contenders — William and Melissa — were eliminated in their quest for love and money.  After this crazy episode, we chatted with our Bachelor Pad 2 experts, David Good and Natalie Getz, to see what they thought about the action.

We learned tonight that Blake and Ella are the best kissers in the house — were you surprised they were crowned the King and Queen of Kissing in the Pad?  When you first learned of the competition tonight, who did you predict would be the winners?

He Said: I was not surprised actually.  Ella is pretty quiet and they say “it’s always the quiet ones” and she has nice lips.  I thought Michelle might win when I first heard of it, but she vowed out so it was wide open.

She Said: I thought either Blake or Kirk would win the competition, because neither of them are in a relationship and they just look like they would be good kissers!  As for the girls, I predicted Ella to win because she is bound and determined to win the money for her son.  She was on the chopping block last week, so I knew she would do anything this week to stay safe!  The guys were being all dramatic and weird about kissing Vienna and Holly, which was annoying because it’s a game!  Tenley and Elizabeth kissed all the guys on our season even though Kovacs and Kiptyn were their boyfriends.  I even kissed Kiptyn and Kovacs right in front of the girls and we all laughed so hard about it.

Do you agree or disagree with Michelle’s decision to sit out of the kissing competition?  Did you think she was putting herself in a risky position by sitting out of this week’s challenge?

He Said: I don’t disagree or agree with it.  She has a daughter that she does not want to see her doing that.  On the other hand, you know you are signing up for that kind of thing on the show. It’s not right or wrong because she is the one putting her neck on the line by not giving herself a chance to get a rose.

She Said: Not at all, she definitely did the right thing.  She knew there was no possibility of her going home, so she didn’t need this challenge.  She respectfully bowed out and didn’t make a big deal about it like some on our season.  Plus, her daughter is only 6, but extremely mature so Michelle wants to be a good role model for her.  Ella was on the chopping block the week before so her situation was very different.  She felt as though she needed to win to be safe and closer to the money.

Blake is definitely playing the field — we’ve seen him charm Melissa, Holly and Erica.   This just doesn’t seem smart, but is it possible this strategy may work out for him, or do you think it’s just a matter of time before the group turns against him and votes him off?

He Said: It is just a matter of time before they turn.   They are women and whether women want to admit it or not, very few can handle that sort of thing and roll with it without letting their emotions get involved and turning on him as a group.

She Said: This is a terrible strategy, but he shot himself in the foot when he partnered up with Melissa right off the bat.  He jumped the gun before assessing the situation and he will ultimately go home.  I predict next week since he now has all the guys pissed at him out of his lack of respect for Michael.  I like Blake, but I don’t think he necessarily needs the money as much as others in the house.

William didn’t get too much camera time and it was hard to tell what others in the house thought of him.  If you had to guess, why did he go home?  Did it ultimately hurt him that he didn’t have a romantic alliance or partner?

He Said: I think the household liked him as a person.   He is a funny guy.  He was kind of a floater, though, and that can make you an easy target for everyone to send home.  That’s exactly what happened.

She Said: With the mentality of this cast, being in a partnership certainly didn’t help his cause.  The cast loved him and it was difficult for them to see him leave, but no one was in an alliance with him.  If I were part of the powerful 6, I would have gathered everyone when Kasey and Vienna were off making out somewhere and collaborated to kick them off.

The field of competition is getting smaller and smaller every week — at this point, which pair do you think is the strongest contender for the $250,000?  And which couple do you think is most likely to walk away from the house in love?

He Said: I think the couples will be split up, so no couple is safe.  I think Vienna and Kasey (as weird as it sounds) will still be a couple and go out together on this show.  Crazy, but hey … love is crazy.

She Said: I think the strongest partnership by far is Graham and Michelle.  They are just coasting along right under the radar.  These two are also most likely to walk away with love.  They are both incredibly mature individuals who know what they want in life and I wouldn’t be surprised if they won the money and the love.

Be sure to tune in next Monday night for the next episode of Bachelor Pad 2!  While you’re watching, send us your questions for David and Natalie!