Cupid's Pulse Article: Olivia Wilde and Ex-Husband ReuniteCupid's Pulse Article: Olivia Wilde and Ex-Husband Reunite

Olivia Wilde has been seen lunching with ex-husband Tao Ruspoli.  According to People, the couple who filed for divorce in March looked happy together on Tuesday while doing some afternoon shopping in Venice, CA.  This isn’t just a one-time occurrence; in fact, the hot divorcees who were married for eight years were also seen together at the end of July.  As the Cowboys & Aliens star told Marie Claire, “We’re friends.  His family is my family.”

How do you keep a cordial relationship with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

When a relationship doesn’t work out many couples end up splitting up without a friendly parting. In Hollywood, multiple that by ten as the news hits the tabloids.  It isn’t too often that ex-lovers find friendship where there was once intimacy but it does happen.  It’s definitely a much better place to be than full of hate and negativity.  Here are some ways to have a healthy relationship with your ex:

1. Bond over the kids: If you have kids with your ex, chances are you both love them unconditionally.  So, don’t focus on your issues as a couple, center your attention on being a good mother and father for your kids.  Be there as a team and your relationship may have the chance of being less bitter.

2. Avoid drama: If you aren’t going to rekindle your relationship anytime soon, there is no reason to revive the drama.  Leave the past in the past.

3. Get in touch with your feelings: Whether it’s yoga, mediation or therapy, get in touch with your feelings in order to heal and wash away the negativity that could be destroying you inside.

Have you ever been just friends with an ex?  Tell us your story…