Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Recap Episode 3: Jake Pavelka Vs. Kasey KahlCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Recap Episode 3: Jake Pavelka Vs. Kasey Kahl

By Tanni Deb

This week’s episode of Bachelor Pad 2 featured two of our very own, Natalie Getz and David Good. And boy did they make a splash judging the synchronized swimming challenge.

Synchronized Swimming Challenge:

Synchronized swimming is no easy task.  You need rhythm and coordination in order to achieve a great performance. With former cheerleaders and dancers on the girl’s team, your first impression is that the girls would have it in the bag. Guess again! It was a mere foreshadowing when the first two girls in the line-up could not even dive into the pool. Lucky for them, their bright, flowery head caps and matching bathing suits kept us distracted from their lack of grace.  It was a total shocker when Michelle Money planted a big fat kiss on Holly Durst but it helped win her a vote.

To our surprise, the guy’s performance looked great, and that’s without taking into account their chiseled, sun-glimmering bodies in Speedos. However, it was their athletic builds and coordination that pushed the guy’s performance over the top. We weren’t too surprised when Jake Pavelka turned out to be the star ballerina, giving his experience on Dancing with the Stars. But, it was Mike Stagliano’s big dive at the end with one hand holding his package that won the judges over. Needless to say, the guy’s conquered the girl’s in their performance, but as for bathing suit choices, that’s a pretty tough call!

Challenge Winners: Michael Stagliano and Michelle Money

Immunity and Dates:

The following day, Michelle took Graham, Kasey and Blake on a date to a vineyard to discuss strategy and tactics. Taking Blake aside, she explains that if he doesn’t work things out with Melissa, he might risk being eliminated from the show. After settling the business side of things, Michelle takes Graham aside and confesses that she has a crush on him.  Aww. “You barely know me,” Graham retorts before locking lips with her. The rose is granted to Graham.

Now off to the stables! Michael chose his ex-fiancée Holly (of course), Ella and Vienna to go horseback riding with him.  That Michael is such as sweetie giving Vienna a date out of the house because he feels bad that she’s been cooped up inside.  However, while everyone was enjoying their time away, the non-stop complaining Vienna wouldn’t stop talking about the heat, the stink of the horses and even the pollution in the sky. It didn’t last long.  Holly received the immunity rose from Michael and when everyone left, they were greeted with a little irony from none other than Bret Michaels (we love Bret). Bret serenaded them with “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn.” Now isn’t that the truth!  Good job from the producers to get that gig and have it with Holly and Michael. It’s like watching a soap opera in action.

Back at ‘The Pad’:

Jake and Erica:

Back at the Pad, Jake tries to turn everyone against the power couple.  He pulls out all the moves when talking with Erica, caressing her arm and even leaning in for a kiss. “I was willing to do whatever I needed to do,” he told the cameras. Now with Erica thinking she may have a chance of hooking up, we were left with the image of the most disgusting kiss in Bachelor Pad history.  Erica admits, “I definitely have good lips that I maintain by getting injections every six months.”  Yikes!  Well, we all know that at this point most people in the house will do whatever it takes to get Kasey and Vienna out of the house (or so we think)!

Kasey and Vienna:

As the couple celebrates their six-month anniversary lounging by the pool, Kasey pulls out what looks like a ring box and presents it to Vienna. In response, Vienna freaks out and says, “I don’t want it to be an engagement ring.” Lucky for her, it turned out to be a promise ring, which he then slipped on her finger and broke into a song.

Maniac Melissa:

While everyone is making last minute decisions on who to eliminate, Melissa is still running around like a chicken with her head cut off. Crying, smiling, leaving, staying, and confused.  We are pretty much over the drama of Melissa. However, most of the girls seem to like her and Blake decides to suck it up and be her partner again. After all, it is for $250,000.

In this week’s rose ceremony, Chris Harrison informs the house that this week all the girls are safe and only one guy will be voted off. With four roses to be given, the last two guys left standing are Kasey and Jake. At the rose ceremony, the scene ends with one last rose, and Chris Harrison saying, KASEY. Then, out of nowhere the screen the television screen goes blank. It’s like ABC wants you to think there’s more but after watching every single episode of this franchise, doesn’t the name being called mean that’s the person who gets the rose?  In that case, Jake would go home. They’re trying to be dramatic but I don’t know if it will be a winning move unless Kasey is the one to really walk to the limo. In that case, let the show really begin because Vienna in a house unprotected from Jake will be a lot of fun to watch!


Our bet is still on Michelle Money, Michael Stagliano and Ella Nolan.

Stay tune for next week’s recap.  In the meantime, if you have questions about the Bachelor Pad 2, send them in. We will have former winners, Natalie Getz and David Good with us all season to answer them.