Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: Natalie Getz and David Good Answer Questions about Bachelor Pad 2 Episode 3Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: Natalie Getz and David Good Answer Questions about Bachelor Pad 2 Episode 3

By Jennifer Harrington

Things got pretty crazy in the latest episode of Bachelor Pad 2.  We saw Melissa flip out, Erica make the moves on Jake and a showdown between Kasey and Jake for the final rose.  After the episode, we were left shaking our heads that Mr. Pavelka was actually eliminated, and were anxious to get thoughts about the dramatic episode from David Good and Natalie Getz, winners of Bachelor Pad 1.

Were you surprised the men did better at the synchronized swimming challenge?  What factors were most important to you as you were judging the performances?

He Said: I was a little surprised until after and sat down and thought about it.  Guys in the house on all the shows get along better than the girls do.  The producers always talked to me about the Bachelor and Bachelorette — the guys are typically easy going, whereas the girls tend to be catty and backstabbing to each other.  It’s the same reason most of my guy friends have like 15 good friends and the girls I know have like three or four, at most. This makes it easier for the guys to work together as a team, and it showed.

She Said: I wasn’t surprised, because most of the boys were once athletes.  They say athletes have a lot of rhythm and grace!  Also, Jake was on DWTS, so I figured he would be pretty good.  Michael Stagliano is a dancer and choreographer, so he was a shoe-in to win.  I looked for personality, technique and humor.  I must say, looking out at all my friends with money hungry eyes, it was really difficult to disappoint everyone by not choosing them. But, Michael and Michelle deserved the roses in the end.

The promise ring Kasey gave Vienna — romantic or cheesy?  Did you expect for it to be an engagement ring?  And … your thoughts on the song he sang to Vienna?

He Said: Everything they seem to do is kind of cheesy.  He has good intentions, but the fact we see how they act towards each other and how bad it is, makes everyone cringe.  I did not think it was an engagement ring.  Her response “please don’t let that be an engagement ring” was one of the biggest mood killers I have ever seen and is the exact reason everyone does not like them together.  Who says that at that moment?  They just don’t get it.  I want them to be happy, no reason to wish them harm but come on – disaster waiting to happen.  As for the song, do I really have to say anything here?  I wanted him to laugh like it was a joke at some point but he didn’t!

She Said: I think very highly of Kasey, but we are different people in the “love” department.  Personally, I think promise rings were romantic in high school, but since I’ve grown up, I find them very cheesy.  Some women eat that up, but I’m definitely not in that category.  I didn’t think it would be an engagement ring, only because Vienna told Kasey prior to the show that she did not want a public proposal.  The singing……oh the singing!  I get embarrassed for people so easily when I watch them on TV and it makes it so much worse when you know them!  Kasey said he was joking around with the singing … maybe that explains why Vienna was laughing at him?

Melissa seems to be the craziest person in the house.  At this point in the competition, do you see her as a strong contender for the money, or not really, given she doesn’t have a reliable partner?

He Said: First off, can you imagine being called “the craziest” out of this house?  That is saying something!  I do not see her as a strong competitor.  She plays with emotion (and not with her head), and can clearly be swung by anyone who gives her attention in the house.  I actually feel bad for her, but this is not a game full of rainbows and unicorns. When you’re talking $250,000, easy come, easy go!

She Said: She will probably go home next episode.  I think people in the house are getting really fed up with her crying and frustrations.  She is obsessed with Blake, and that’s making it highly uncomfortable for everyone in the house.  I think Melissa is a very sweet, kind hearted girl who wears her emotions on her sleeve.  Unfortunately, this is a mind game and she wasn’t prepared.

Were you surprised when Jake was ultimately voted off?  And were you looking forward to seeing Jake and Vienna in the same house, without her “protector”?

He Said: I was not surprised he got sent home.  He did his best, but I think they had been trying since the beginning to get him out.  He did do very well at the swimming though!  I am so tired of seeing Vienna cry and complain.  I wonder what goes through her head watching this show.  Does she think she is normal or a good person?  I know when I watched my Bachelorette show, I was mortified and knew there were some character flaws that needed to be addressed.  However, she makes me look like a choir boy!  Kasey is right – without him there, she would have been gone a long time ago.

She Said: I wasn’t entirely surprised after Erica’s hard work.  She was the only smart one outside of the powerful six that actually attempted to play the game.  She, Blake and Jake tried to convince Kirk that he should vote Kasey off, but Kirk said he couldn’t leave his alliance.  Wake up, Kirk!  You aren’t in the powerful six, meaning the six of them would vote you off before each other!  Had Kirk voted for Kasey, he and Ella would have been the new power couple alongside Jake and Erica.  The whole show could have changed, and it would have made some great TV!

Bachelor Pad always needs a villain.  Now that Jake is gone, who do you think the group will turn against next?

He Said: The group is going to turn against Melissa, I think.  They would turn on Kasey and Vienna, but they might be a little scared to at this point.  Too soon to make a stand!

She Said: So true!  When the person causing problems leave, it generally gets boring.  When Bentley left, I hate to admit this, but I was bummed.  Happy for Ashley, but bummed that the show wouldn’t be as dramatic!  I think the group will turn on Blake and Melissa.  Possibly Erica for going against Kasey and Vienna, but Erica is super smart and I’m sure she will get back in the tight alliance she had with Kasey.  Erica’s greatest strength is not acting smart.  She is by far the most entertaining on the show!

Thanks for your insights, David and Natalie!  Tune in next Monday night for the latest installment of Bachelor Pad 2 madness, and while you are watching, send us your questions about the episode for David and Natalie.