Cupid's Pulse Article: Dieting Like a Celebrity Is Easier than You ThinkCupid's Pulse Article: Dieting Like a Celebrity Is Easier than You Think

This post is sponsored by The Fresh Diet.

Dieting like a celebrity isn’t so difficult when you have the gourmet service of The Fresh Diet on your side.  Here at we had the pleasure of experiencing a one week trial of their service last week.  In case you aren’t familiar with the product, the Fresh Diet is America’s freshest daily diet delivery service and the best news is that it brings an extremely convenient experience to your doorstep every single day.  For singles, this is the ultimate in eating because the food is freshly prepared and there is no clean up!

We decided to put Fresh Diets to the test by having both a male and a female perspective on their food and service.  So with that we ordered double amount of the calories and divided up the list of food choices to please both palates.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Dieting Like a Celebrity Is Easier than You Think
Food Selection:

She said: The first thing you do is register online and chose the meals you want to eat.  In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, we also got to enjoy two snacks each day.  Given that I work online, choosing foods this way was extremely convenient.  I felt like I was shopping for meals! It was so easy.

He said: This was easy.  In less than 15 minutes we went online and chose the foods we wanted to eat. The selection was great.  There is an option for every taste and desire.  I’m a big seafood lover and they had a variety of fish–from grouper, to salmon and swordfish.  There was a wide variety of options.


She said:  I loved getting up each morning, opening the door and seeing my cooler bag of fresh food sitting there waiting to greet me.  It was like waking up to a new gift every day. And, the delivery service in our area was always on schedule. Actually, one day they left it the evening before.  I don’t know if that’s a bad or good thing but I was just happy to have it.  I would never go hungry with this service.

He said: I don’t cook (except for barbecuing) so this was great.  The food was always packed up securely and kept fresh.


She said: For me, the quantity of food was incredible.  I think it’s because we ordered enough so that we could both share the experience of having a male and female point of view.   When I ordered at first, it didn’t seem like that much food but as the week went on, I learned how to order more strategically so that I was sure to be satisfied.

He said: I love to eat so if she hadn’t had half of the food to try it probably may have been enough.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Dieting Like a Celebrity Is Easier than You Think

She said: YUM!

He said: Great quality.

We are so sad the trial is over.  It was so fun to wake up every morning, open the door and not need to think about what to cook, prepare or shop for each day.

If you want to experience The Fresh Diet, now is the perfect time.

Buy One Week, Get Your Next Week 50% off.

This is an incredible deal that is definitely too good to pass up.  All you have to do is go to The Fresh Diet and type in “singles” as the special discount code when you’re ready to check out.  Don’t miss out  on this fabulous opportunity to diet like a celebrity and who knows … maybe you’ll end up looking like one too!