Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: David Good and Natalie Getz Share Perspectives on Episode 2 of Bachelor Pad 2Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: David Good and Natalie Getz Share Perspectives on Episode 2 of Bachelor Pad 2

By Jennifer Harrington

Earlier this week on Bachelor Pad 2, we saw the rules of the game change (the theme of the rose ceremony was “ladies night”), Gia voluntarily say goodbye to her chance to find love and money and Ames and Jackie take off together in the happiest limo ride in Bachelor franchise history. In case you missed the episode, check out our exclusive recap.  As always, following the episode we checked in with Season 1 winners David Good and Natalie Getz to get their take on the drama!

We saw a new side to Blake in this episode (kissing Melissa even though he claimed not to have feelings with her, cozying up to Holly, etc.).  What’s your take on Blake — is what he’s doing a good or bad tactic for winning?

He Said: His thought process is good.  Kissing a girl to get a rose is not a big deal.  The problem is the girl he is kissing is not the girl you want to be partnering up with.  She is a little crazy, and I would think he would be smarter than that.  The next move he made however is just stupid strategy-wise.  He is cuddling up to Holly.  He may be interested in her, but this is a bad move for two reasons.  One: her ex-fiancé is in the house and that will clearly upset Mike.  Two: he is now involved with two girls in the house and girls talk a lot.  He’ll get caught.

She Said: This is a game show, not a dating show.  Melissa should’ve known that people are there for the money first and foremost, so you have to be on guard.  Blake probably liked Melissa a little bit, but then started getting scared of her while gaining feelings for Holly.  Blake was playing the game, hitting on her to get the date rose to keep him safe.  Is it morally correct?  Maybe not, but it’s not against the rules and it got him the safety rose.  I do feel bad for Melissa because she really liked him and now she has to watch herself get played on national television!

Jake was saved this week.  Do you think he can redeem himself?  Who should he align himself with now that his best ally Gia is gone?

He Said: Jake did get saved by ABC this week.  Unbelievable to me!  Chris Harrison said in one of his interviews that they can do that and it’s not cheating.  Just like in any game the players should decide the outcome, not the refs.

She Said: If Jake was smart, he would form a powerful team of six to go head-to-head with Kasey’s team of six.  If Graham and Michelle, Kasey and Vienna, and Michael and Holly are an alliance, he should grab William and Melissa, Kirk and Ella, and Blake and Erika and form a team.  He’s a good looking dude; he should utilize that and flirt it up with Ella and Erika.

What strategy would you use to break up Kasey and Vienna?

He Said: I wouldn’t.  They will implode.  They have put a target on themselves.  The real players are the people laying low, just kind of gliding through.  When you try and dominate a show like this, other people notice and will ultimately gang up on you.  Kasey and Vienna are very volatile.  When it gets down to crunch time, I think they will turn on each other and then be done.

She Said: If I were in the house, here is what I would do: (this is me pretending I’m not friends with any of them … just what I would do to win.)  I would get Graham, Kirk, Michelle, Michael and Holly to reconvene for a new plan after Kasey betrayed Graham’s trust to the group.  Since Kasey leaked info from his team to Gia, it would be easy to get his alliance to turn against him.  I’d tell them that we need to form this new team of us six power players and get Kasey and Vienna out of the house.  Kasey and Vienna seem to be calling the shots, so I’d get them out as soon as possible if I was truly there to play the game.

Gia’s departure came out of nowhere.  She was on the show last year, so she obviously knew the rules of the game before she returned to the house.  What’s your take on Gia leaving?

He Said: I was more fired up about this more than anything.  I guess it’s because I know her and this is something she did on our show.  It’s not just the leaving that upsets me.  Gia clearly thinks she is better than everyone else and has such “morals and integrity” when in all reality she has less than anyone in there.  She plots schemes and lies more than anyone on the show; then, when she gets caught, she can’t handle the pressure and is too proud to get voted off.  Instead, she said, “I’m going home Chris, this isn’t for me,” then puts everyone in the house down by saying they are lying, cheating and backstabbers.  It’s funny to me that she really can’t see that she is doing the same thing and honestly thinks she’s better than us. She put all of us down on our season as well.  Not cool.  There are good people in there that realize why they’re there.  Her actions seemed like quitting in the fourth quarter of a football game because you know you’re going to lose.  That’s a large character flaw in my book.

She Said: I think she finally just threw her hands up and accepted the loss.  She probably realized she had zero chance after learning that she was never going to be a part of the alliance Kasey formed.  She should have paired up with Graham since they know each other before filming started.  I’m honestly bummed she is gone, because she always had on the coolest clothes and she gives me style inspiration!

Why do you think the group voted Jackie off?  Were you surprised to see Ames leave with her?

He Said: I think Jackie was an easy target because she hadn’t picked a side yet and was stuck in the middle.  I was surprised to see Ames leave with her.  I thought he was a smarter guy than that!  That might have seemed all romantic and made every woman’s night across America, but in all reality that was so stupid.  I know, I know – people are getting mad at me right now but that’s only because I think logically and most people think with their emotions.  If anyone thinks that was a good move, I’ll explain why exactly you’re wrong.  One: they barely knew each other.  Two: how many people do you date before you actually get married?  Three: you live in the same city and the show is a week, which means at most you’ll see her again in two weeks.  What he should’ve done is run over, say “I love you and am going to bring home the money for us”, and then kissed her goodbye.  Romantic and still has a chance at $250,000.

She Said: I said in my blog today that this cast is really stupid for wanting to vote off 2 non-threatening people (Ella and Jackie).  I literally was ashamed and embarrassed to know these people and see them act so unintelligent in this game!  I understand why Kasey/Vienna/Graham/Michelle/Michael/Holly didn’t vote for Vienna (obviously, they are in an alliance), but the fact that the rest of the women and men in the house didn’t vote out Vienna is beyond ridiculous to me.  Nothing against Vienna, but it’s a game and she’s a powerful player, who would have been my competition!  It’s almost flattering to get kicked out – it means you are a threat.  Plus, I REALLY wanted to see more of Ames and Jackie!  On the bright side, Ames leaving the chance to win $250,000 to be with Jackie is hands down the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Be sure to tune into Bachelor Pad 2 next week.  As you’re watching, send us your questions via Facebook or Twitter for Natalie and David.  In the meantime, let us know — do you think Jake will be able to survive another week in the house?