Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Recap Episode 2: Ames Brown Trumps them AllCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Recap Episode 2: Ames Brown Trumps them All

By Lori Bizzoco

Usually when a former Bachelor or Bachelorette leaves the show voluntarily, like two-time ‘Bachelor Pad’ contestant and swimsuit model, Gia Allemand did last night, it becomes the episode news headliner the next day.  But last night’s storybook ending even knocked out coverage of the attention-seeking love triangle usually reserved for Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl.  It was a scene that leaves us understanding why even bad reality shows are beating out long-standing soap operas.  You can’t make this stuff up!

Last night there were two scenes that made single women everywhere believe in love again.  First was the closing scene with Ivy-League, world-traveling, portfolio manager, Ames Brown.  After he said a heartfelt good-bye to his newfound love and eliminated housemate, Jackie Gordon he turned around to head back towards the house.  What happened next made hearts stop everywhere.  Instead of continuing his walk toward the contestants, Ames slowly stopped, raised his hand and waved good-bye to them.  Giving up the $250,000 prize, he sprinted back towards the limousine with Jackie inside.  That fairy-tale exit trumped everything else on the show and gives romance fanatics a reason to believe that Mr. Right is a possibility, especially if you go after the awkwardly smart, rich guy wearing the hot pink pants. In Ames’ own words, “This is the happiest limo ride in Bachelor history.”

The second love scene comes with ex’s, Michael Stagliano and children’s book author, Holly Durst.  They just ended their engagement two months before the show taped and haven’t had the chance to talk it out.  During last night’s episode, they finally get some one-on-one time and share their thoughts with one another, but their emotional exchange and gripping embrace is almost impossible to watch without your heart feeling heavy or routing for them to get back together.  Watching them express their feelings and Michael telling Holly he still loves her with tears in his eyes is enough to  make you want to jump through the television and slap them silly for being so blind.  Get back together, already!

Mysterious Monday

There was an odd, eerie undertone on last night’s Bachelor Pad 2, with egg fights, haunted hospital tours and a masked man creeping around the kitchen at the end.  Yes, mysterious Monday came with love, drama and a fairy tale ending but it makes you wonder for a minute if the show is preparing for Halloween a little too soon.

Egg Toss Challenge:

Let’s begin with the Bachelor Pad 2 challenge.  The women were asked a handful of questions relating to the men on the show (Who are you least attracted to?  Who do you want to see go home?) and with colored paint-filled eggs in hand the women threw their responses directly at the backs (or shoulder, legs and head) of their intended target.

Thanks to Vienna’s campaigning, Jake displayed a colorful array of red, yellow and blue on his body when the ladies were asked who they wanted to see go home next.  Then the reverse scenario happened and the men targeted the women with eggs.  However, the pain ran deeper than the physical impact as Erica was selected as the least attractive in the house.  That definitely stung in more ways than one, especially when Michael Stigliano forgot that he wasn’t on the field and pitched a fast ball at Erica.  The objective of the challenge was to be the person who hit the most targets.

Challenge Winners: Melissa Schreiber and Michael Stigliano ended up winning the challenge.

Immunity and Dates:

Instead of taking one person on a date, Melissa and Michael were granted the chance to each take three members of the opposite sex, with one of them being given the rose at the end.  Without surprise, Michael chose Holly (his ex-fiancé), Michelle Money (who is our fan favorite) and Erica (sympathy choice).  As if it wasn’t awkward enough having two former lovers on a date together, the group was taken by limousine to Linda Vista, a haunted hospital.  Didn’t Michael win (not lose) the challenge?  It seemed like a strange reward.  I guess it’s all about staying on the show and with that, Michael gave Holly the immunity rose.

When it came to Melissa’s date, she got the luxury of going on a yacht date with her chosen three: Kirk Dewindt, Blake Julien and Kasey Kahl.   Kasey was a bit of a shocker pick at first but Melissa did have a strategy in place.  Her plan, she explained to Kasey, was to align with him promising to give him the rose and save him if he saved her next time.  Unfortunately, that was before two-timing dentist, Blake (who has a thing for Holly), played into Melissa’s weakness by flirting, touching, sweet-talking and going in for a kiss during their one-on-one time.  Melissa reneged on her promise to Kasey and gave Blake the rose instead.

Back at ‘The Pad’:

Jake, Vienna and Kasey:

Tension was high as Jake did what he could to stay in the house, offering not once, but twice to speak to Vienna.  Whether he’s really sincere or just trying to redeem himself for the cameras is yet to be seen, but Vienna wasn’t having any of it.  She continued to escalate the drama and complain about Jake being in the house.  That is until Chris Harrison put her in her place, showing her the exit doors and letting her know that she wasn’t being forced to be there.  Could it possibly be that he’s had enough of her drama, too?  He even called out how nicely previously engaged Michael and Holly got along.  Oh, Vienna!

Melissa, Blake and Holly:

Talk about another messed up love triangle.  Blake likes Holly (or so it seems) and he’s been ignoring Melissa.  This is all after Melissa spent a romantic evening with Blake on the yacht and gave him a rose instead of Kasey who she promised.  We’re not sure how long Blake will be around, or can keep it up but someone’s about to have a meltdown.

Gia and Graham:

First she got duped by Jake when he didn’t save her last week and gave a rose to Vienna instead.  Now, her friend Graham stabs her in the back by disclosing her plan to break-up the power couples.  He went to Kasey and told him.  Although Gia has been on the ‘Bachelor Pad’ before and she knows how the game is played, she decides to leave the mansion voluntarily.  Why risk her dignity of being kicked off by the contestants or her integrity of being deceitful to friends for the mere chance at $250,000?  Or, at least that was her reason for leaving.  Will she be back next summer?  We doubt it.  Maybe the next Bachelorette, now that would be fun.


I guess we can cancel Ames out for our early prediction, although he’s a winner in our eyes.

We’re still going strong with Michelle Money, Michael Stagliano and Ella Nolan.

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So, there you have it. All in a week’s work!