Cupid's Pulse Article: Funny Girl Tina Fey Welcomes a Baby DaughterCupid's Pulse Article: Funny Girl Tina Fey Welcomes a Baby Daughter

Tina Fey’s comedy troupe just got bigger.  The funny girl welcomed daughter Penelope Athena on Wednesday, reports People.  The 30 Rock actress, 41, is already mom to 5-year-old Alice with husband Jeff Richmond, 50.  During her “easy” second pregnancy, Fey joked with Ellen Degeneres about waiting discover her baby’s gender.  “I’m just going to see what it chooses to wear to prom,” said Fey.

What are the advantages of waiting to find out the gender of your child?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though discovering your child’s gender can soothe your curiosity, waiting for the surprise does have advantages.  Here are a few:

1. Surprise: Nothing can beat the surprise of meeting your son or daughter for the first time.  If you know the gender beforehand, some of that initial surprise will have disappeared when you finally give birth.

2. Guessing games: Guessing the gender of your baby can be very entertaining.  Researching old wives’ tales or even taking a poll amongst your friends is a great way to raise excitement.  In fact, it could make a great baby shower game.

3. No stress: While ultrasounds are nearly always correct, they do make mistakes.  If you’re on a budget, it may be better to prepare for a child of either gender.  If you prepare for a girl and end up with a little boy, you may have a lot of new shopping to do.

Did you wait to find out the gender of your baby?  Feel free to share your experience in a comment below!