Cupid's Pulse Article: Levi Johnston’s Sister Says Her Brother and Bristol Planned Unplanned PregnancyCupid's Pulse Article: Levi Johnston’s Sister Says Her Brother and Bristol Planned Unplanned Pregnancy

Things are heating up again between the Palins and the Johnstons.  According to People, Mercede Johnston has been bashing the Palins. She accused Sarah Palin of using Levi Johnston as a “prop” for her 2008 presidential campaign.  She called Bristol Palin a “sociopath,” who planned her pregnancy, which she strategically announced when her mother joined John McCain’s campaign.  Mercede also claimed that Bristol’s and Levi’s engagement was part of the fabrication to prevent Levi from speaking out against the Palins.

What are some reasons not to have a child?

Cupid’s Advice:

Most of us probably don’t have a soap opera kind of ex-girlfriend who uses her pregnancy in a manipulative kind of way. B ut there are perhaps other reasons why you should not have a child.  Cupid has some ideas:

1. Stability of relationship: If you’re considering whether or not to have a child with your partner, analyze the state of the relationship with that partner. If you’re in a fragile place, there’s no need to rush to be a parent. Take it easy and wait until your relationship is more secure. You want your child to grow up in a nurturing, loving place.

2. Work: Have you considered the job situation?  If you’re in a not-so-stable place, either because you’re looking for a solid position or because you’re trying to work your way up a notch, you may want to hold off on the baby situation until your professional life gets a little more certain.

3. Doubts: If you or your partner feel uncertain when it comes to the idea of having a baby, you’re probably not ready to be parents. Before you plan to conceive, you should both discuss whether you feel that parenthood is right for you.  It’s okay to not feel 100% ready, but this should be something you’re both sure that you want.

Are there any other reasons someone may not be ready for parenthood? Share your thoughts below.