Cupid's Pulse Article: Becki Newton Pregnant, NBC Delays New ShowCupid's Pulse Article: Becki Newton Pregnant, NBC Delays New Show

Actress Becki Newton and her husband Chris Diamantopoulos are expecting their first child, Newton’s rep confirmed to US Weekly last week.  The 32-year-old former Ugly Betty star married her actor husband, 35, in 2005.  While she may not be sporting a noticeable baby bump yet, Newton’s pregnancy has already caused changes for her upcoming role in Love Bites, a new series premiering on NBC this fall.  USA Today reported last week that the pilot has been pushed back until mid-season, because, as NBC Vice President Vernon Sanders told the paper, “she plays a virgin, so we have to make adjustments to that.”

What are some ways to balance your career while pregnant?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having a baby doesn’t mean that your career will take a back seat.  There is a way to find balance between your personal and professional lives. Here’s what you can do:

1. Don’t get mommy-tracked: Although job discrimination is illegal, many mothers-to-be fear that a pregnancy indicates a lack of career commitment, limiting advancement opportunities later.  Demonstrate your loyalty by taking on new responsibilities, and creating a plan of action that includes a post-delivery return date.  Your boss will know your job is still a priority, and it will leave more time for the baby later on.

2. Do get organized: You’ll be busy getting ready for baby, so start outlining future tasks in a calendar, file folder, or pregnancy organizer.  This will help you to plan in advance and keep track of any appointments that could otherwise interfere with your job or other baby-related  commitments.

3. Keep in touch: It’s okay to stay connected with your boss while you are out of the office, but be careful about taking on assignments or work, as there are certain labor laws that prohibit this.  Stay connected, but make time to just be pregnant, too.