Cupid's Pulse Article: Elizabeth Banks Says Motherhood Won’t Stop Her From ActingCupid's Pulse Article: Elizabeth Banks Says Motherhood Won’t Stop Her From Acting

Actress Elizabeth Banks admits she’s not balancing her career and being a new mom to 5-month-old son Felix very well, but she doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon, according to People.  “I’m not really a break-taker,” Banks, 37, said with a laugh on Saturday while promoting her latest flick, Our Idiot Brother.  “I’ll just keep on going, and then we’ll see.  You do it.  You push through just like any other working mom.”

How do you balance your career with parenthood?

Cupid’s Advice:

Time management is essential when it comes to having a career as well as a family.  Here are three ways to manage:

1. Family always comes first: You definitely need money to survive and furthermore to take care of your family, but never get so emerged in it that you don’t have time for your loved ones.  Especially with a career where you’re constantly in the bright lights, it may be very hard to make extra time for family.  It’s something that you must do, however, or your family may very well fall apart.

2. Always carry your planner: A personal calendar is sometimes the best thing to keep by your side when you have a busy life.  If not in your purse, on your phone.  Mark down every little thing that you have to do daily, and check things off as you complete them.  Be sure to jot “family time” down as you fill your agenda up.

3. The little things: You don’t always have to be at every practice or every game.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.  Take your kids for ice cream on your lunch break rather than catching up on your assignments.  Play a game with them.  Let them know that you work hard, but it’s all for them.

How do you balance your career with parenthood?  Share in a comment below.