Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: David Good and Natalie Getz Chat about the Season Premiere of Bachelor Pad 2Cupid's Pulse Article: He Said/She Said: David Good and Natalie Getz Chat about the Season Premiere of Bachelor Pad 2

By Jennifer Harrington

On Monday night, we were treated to a three-hour season premiere of Bachelor Pad 2. As promised, we were reunited with some of the most controversial characters in franchise history, including Jake, Vienna, Rated R and Michelle Money. In case you missed the episode, read our recap to get caught up, and check out our inside scoop from the winners of the last season of Bachelor Pad, David Good and Natalie Getz. These two definitely know the game, so we were interested on their take on the first night of action in “the pad”!

Did it surprise you to see Jake confront Kasey so honestly and directly on the first night?  And along those same lines, were you shocked to hear that Jake had so many unresolved feelings regarding Vienna?

David: That was all BS. Jake doesn’t have feelings for her.  f he really wanted to say those things, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with her besides doing it on national television.  He only did that for more publicity.  he same reason he said God sent him back to save Jillian from Wes. It’s so insincere it makes me sick watching it. The guy should have a shiny red nose on at all times because he is a clown. I do have to give him credit though because he knows how gullible America is and he’s actually really good at what he does.

Natalie: I was completely shocked when Jake told Gia and Jackie that he still loves Vienna. What a joke! I don’t buy it for one second.  The only reason he pulled Kasey aside was so that he didn’t get his ass kicked!  Also, Jake wants to look like the good guy at any cost. Of course, he is playing the fans and trying to get back in their good graces by “being the bigger person.” If we only knew what was going on in that guy’s head … I can bet all my money his actions are all a front. He won’t last long in this house at all.

Was it a brilliant or stupid move for Jake to give Vienna a rose to keep her safe?

David: As far as the game goes it was really stupid. As far as a publicity stunt, genius! I don’t care for the guy, but you have to give credit where credit is due. He works this show to his advantage for publicity better than anyone I have ever seen. It’s really something to watch.

Natalie: Jake’s only concern is getting back in the good graces of Bachelor fans. He has had so many opportunities to apologize to Vienna. He is always in L.A.!  I would like to see a real side of Jake, but that isn’t going to happen. He is so concerned with his image that he doesn’t care about the game. I guarantee he went on just to clean up the mess he caused last year when their breakup aired.  Saying he still loves Vienna? Really, Jake?  As far as Vienna is concerned, she is playing the game very well. She isn’t falling for his BS and she still wants him out of the house.  She isn’t being mean; she just knows Jake more than any of us and doesn’t trust him at all.

The chemistry between Ames and Jackie was apparent from the first night — but they chose not to partner up for the first challenge (“Hook Up”).  Your thoughts about this strategy?

David: That was funny. The first morning of the show, they are by the pool making out? I like them for each other though. I think they are both awesome. I thought it was a good move not partnering up this early on though. If you think about it, now you not only have each other’s backs, but you brought two more people into the equation that have your back as well.

Natalie: Ames and Jackie were brilliant for not partnering up for two reasons.  1.) They are trying to stay under the radar.  They don’t want anyone thinking that they are a power couple right off the bat.  2.) If they separate themselves for competitions, that means they double their chances of winning.  If Ames wins and Jackie doesn’t, he can give her the rose and vice versa.  If they were a team, they only have 1 shot at keeping each other safe.  Dave and I worked this strategy in our “Kissing” challenge last season.

Last season and this season, it seems that Gia is always feeling vulnerable going into the rose ceremonies.  Why do you think she is always on the verge of being eliminated, and do you think there is a chance she will advance far this season?

David: Gia’s problem is she lies to herself and everyone around her.  She plays the sweet card but is very vindictive.  She did that on our season, too.  She asks, “why can’t everyone be honest and just get along.” Then, she lies to everyone and makes up stories that aren’t even true.  Wherever she is, drama is not far away, hence the reason she is back for this season.   It’s kind of funny to watch because I really don’t know if she knows she is doing it and actually believes she is not.  Jesse Kovacs and I used to laugh so hard listening to her on Bachelor Pad 1.  It’s a terrible strategy and is the reason she is always on the verge of elimination.  I like Gia as a person, but some of her bad qualities come out in these situations.

Natalie: I don’t think Gia will go very far this season, because she has a huge red flag on her back for already being a competitor last season.  Also, Gia always forms a group with the outsiders, and this just doesn’t work.  The insider group is always the strongest group.  They have strong bonds and connections and wouldn’t play both sides like an outsider would, for example: Ali and Rated R.  Gia should have partnered up with Graham.  They were friends before the show and he would be a good partner.  Instead she chose Jake who no one really cares for.  I don’t understand what she was thinking!  I wanted her to go far.  I love Gia!

Thoughts on this week’s eliminated contestants — Rated R and Ali.  Why do you think the group chose to get rid of them so quickly? And, with them gone, who do you think is most vulnerable next week?

David: Rated R and Ali got sent home because they were trying to play both sides of the fence and got caught.  As in real life, if you do this you will eventually get caught and when you do, not only one side comes down on you but both will and boom – you’re sent packing!  It’s a terrible strategy because people will talk to each other and find out.  I think Jackie and Ames have to be careful here. I have not seen them take a side yet and are freelancing around, which can make them an easy target.

Natalie: On my season, Juan left the first night because we caught him making alliances with everyone.  Literally everyone!  He was trying to play both sides like Rated R.  When you play both sides, you are absolutely going to get caught!  Rated R should have done his homework.  BTW most humiliating limo exit of all time!  Made some great TV!  Ali seems to be a little ditzy to me.  How could she not realize she was on the chopping block when she too was playing both sides?  She didn’t even try very hard to clean up her mess once she found out she was up for elimination.  She isn’t cut out for this game at all.

Be sure to tune in to ABC next Monday night for the next installment of Bachelor Pad 2. While you’re watching, send us your questions (via Facebook or Twitter) to ask David and Natalie — it’s a great way to get an experts take on the romance, drama and strategy in the most popular house in America this summer!