Cupid's Pulse Article: What Does Your Date’s Drink Say About Him?Cupid's Pulse Article: What Does Your Date’s Drink Say About Him?

By Deana Meccariello

Whether you’re out at a bar for the night or on a date, a man’s drink can tell you a great deal about him. Whether he orders an ice-cold brewski, a glass of fine wine, or a shot of hard liquor, we pulled together some interesting theories on what his drink just may say about his current mood and intentions. So, next time your date takes a sip of one of these libations, keep our tell-tale clues in mind:

Beer: When a man orders a beer, it can mean many different things. It really depends on the type of beer he orders. Generally, however, a man who orders a beer is out to loosen up and have a good time with friends.

Wine. A man drinking wine exudes class. Details are probably very important to him. If he takes his time selecting the perfect wine, he will take the time and care to impress you as well.

Hard Liquor (Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, etc.). A man who prefers hard liquor wants everyone to know he’s classy (whether he actually is or not is another story). In any case, this is a high-maintenance man.

Cocktails (Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Gin, etc.). It is said that men who order cocktails may be a little feminine. This stereotype came about due to the playful garnishes that are served with these drinks, such as limes, cherries, and miniature onions. However, in a group setting, it is acceptable for a man to indulge in a few cocktails to have a good time.

Shots. A man knocking back the shots at the bar is out for one of two things: Either he is extremely emotional and trying to forget something bad that has happened to him, like a break-up or a losing a job; or he is out to party. Shots are a red flag. It means he is not taking anything seriously and is looking to alter his state of mind considerably. According to a professional in the field of mental health, and a qualified Counselor with certificates in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Bridget Webber states, “When indulging in shots, it is so he can get drunk quickly and obliterate any worries and problems. A man drinking [shots] on his own, then, is to be avoided, unless you want to hear about how his wife doesn’t understand him.” So there you have it! Steer clear of a man throwing back one too many Jamesons.

Frozen Drinks (Margarita, Pina Colada, etc.). Another major red flag, a little colorful umbrella is a warning to stay away. The man who consistently orders these tropical drinks is someone who wants to seem like he is forever on vacation. He will try to impress you in many ridiculous ways, but being a smart woman, you will see right through him.

Some people believe that regardless of the beverage he chooses for himself, it is the drink he orders for you that really makes a statement. Head instructor at New York Bartending School, Ryan Yonskie, believes just that. “When someone is looking for physical intimacy, they order stereotypical drinks for the opposite sex. Men always send sweet, colorful drinks to women, such as a Cosmo, and women always send men shots.”

Tell us what you think. What is more telling of a man’s behavior and intentions: What he drinks himself, or what he orders for you?