Cupid's Pulse Article: Eddie Cibrian Defends Criticism Over Wife LeAnn Rimes’ BodyCupid's Pulse Article: Eddie Cibrian Defends Criticism Over Wife LeAnn Rimes’ Body

LeAnn Rimes is getting hit with the criticism that her weight loss may be the result of an eating disorder, even though she tweets every time she eats.  “LOVE Thin Mint Cookies!” she said in one such tweet, according to  Hollyscoop.  However, health expert Dr. Farid Zarif said that her weight drop could be due to stress.  Regardless, her new hubby, Playboy actor Eddie Cibrian, defended her honor by calling her body “perfect.”  “I think she looks wonderful,” he said.  “She is very healthy, and to me–perfect.”

How do you know when to defend your partner’s decisions?

Cupid’s Advice:

Not all the time is everyone going to be estactic about a choice his or her partner makes.  However, most of the time, we expect the ones we love to support us no matter what.  But when is it OK to stick up for your significant other?  Cupid has some thoughts:

1. Health conscious: Are you sure your partner’s decisions will leave his or her health in good shape?  As long as your mates decision aren’t affecting his or her well-being, you probably shouldn’t step in.

2. The long run: Though it isn’t always fun to think about the effects that decisions have long-term, you may as well get it over with sooner rather than later.  It’s the only way to know if a decision is truly a good one.

3. Eternal smile: Will this decision truly make your partner happy?  If his or her smile will only be temporary as a result of this decision and will then turn to a permanent frown, then think a little harder about it.

Have you ever supported a partner’s decision that you didn’t agree with?  Share your experiences below.