Cupid's Pulse Article: Fantasia Announces Her Pregnancy On StageCupid's Pulse Article: Fantasia Announces Her Pregnancy On Stage

After struggling through depression, a suicide attempt, and a relationship on the rocks, former American Idol star Fantasia Barrino has much to look forward to after all. According to People, on Sunday, Barrino announced that she’s expecting. She blazoned the good news for the first time during a charity concert in Jacksonville, Fla: “And I share this with you because I can relate to you.  And for a while, I walked around figuring out what they will say and what will they think about me. But now I tell you, I don’t live my life for folk.” Barrino made no mention of the father, but we know that she was seeing Antwaun Cook and that their affair was associated with Cook’s divorce from wife Paula Cook.

What are some ways to make a bang with your pregnancy announcement?

Cupid’s Advice:

Not all of us may have the opportunity to make the big announcement after a live performance on stage. But that doesn’t mean your pregnancy news can’t make a bang. Cupid has some creative ideas:

1. Throw a party: Invite your friends and family to a casual party without informing them about the reason behind it.  At some point, propose a toast and then break the news. A gathering with all the people that matter in your life is a great occasion to celebrate.

2. At a sports game: If your partner, friends, and family are into football, why not take them to a local game and have the announcer make a public announcement?  That’ll certainly stir up some commotion.

3. In the news: If you’re going for high impact, but a want to tone down the drama, create your own announcement with paper and pen, then insert it in between the pages of the daily newspaper.  When your friends and family flip through the pages, they’ll be surprised to find your story.

Can you think of creative ways to announce the arrival of a baby?  Share your ideas below.