Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 of the Sweetest Movie MomentsCupid's Pulse Article: 5 of the Sweetest Movie Moments

By Tanni Deb

Whether we admit it or not, we all enjoy a good love story — the ones that make our hearts beat, our pulses race, and the tears flow. We love getting caught up in the magical moments and gushing over romantic scenes. You probably have your own top Sweetest Movie Moments, but join us as we count down some of ours:

5. A Walk to Remember: If you’re a hopeless romantic, this movie and its leading characters, Landon Carter (Shane West) and Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), will leave you sobbing at the end.  After a dangerous dare goes badly wrong, rebellious Landon is made to do community service, where he seeks help from bookish and religious Jamie — the girl he eventually learns to love.  When he discovers the secret she’s been carrying for two years, he plans a date at night to star gaze. He asks her to search for a specific star, and when she questions him about it, he says he had it named after her.  The scene is sealed with a kiss.

4. 50 First Dates: When Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) meets Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) in a café, they decide to meet again the following day.  However, when Henry returns, Lucy doesn’t have a memory of him, or their previous meeting.  When he’s told that since the day she got into a car accident she’s been unable to retain new information, he devises new ways to meet her every day, hoping that one day she’ll remember him and will return his feelings. The sweetest — and most powerful — scene in the film comes when Henry discovers that Lucy has been singing, and she might remember who he is. He runs to the hospital and asks her if she recognizes him.  She says “no,” but explains that she has been dreaming of him every day. When she leads him into her studio, it is filled with paintings she drew of him!  Believing that this is proof of their love, they reunite.

3. You’ve Got Mail: If you think you can’t find love online, then this is the movie to watch.  Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) and Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) are business rivals who began writing emails back and forth, without knowing each other’s identities.  Over time, romantic feelings develop, and Joe later realizes that the person he’s been writing to the entire time has been Kathleen.  At the end, they decide to meet, and Kathleen is not only shocked, but also excited to know that her cyber friend was him all along.  She admits that she was hoping it was him, and the two passionately kiss.

2. The Notebook: This love story is one you’ll watch repeatedly with a box of Kleenex next to you.  It’s the tale of small-town boy, Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling), who falls in love with rich and beautiful Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams).  Even after Allie is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and fails to recognize her family, or him, he never leaves her side.  Instead, he decides to grow old with her in a nursing home and attempts to bring her memories back.  Sure, this romantic film has many sweet moments, but perhaps the scene that makes you realize how much he truly loves her is when, many years later, his children ask him to leave the rest home and return home with them.  He says, “Look guys, that’s my sweetheart in there. I’m not leaving her. This is my home now. Your mother is my home.” Quick, pass me one of those Kleenexes.

1. The Wedding Singer: This is another romantic comedy film, once again teaming Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore together, who always manage to create some of the most romantic movie scenes. In this film, Sandler is a wedding singer who falls in love with Barrymore — a waitress.  When he discovers that her fiancé is cheating on her and doesn’t plan on stopping after marriage, he attempts to pursue her. There are plenty of sweet moments in this movie, but the one that will make your heart melt is at the end, when Sandler sings a song for Barrymore on an airplane. Who wouldn’t fall for a man like that?

If one of your favorite sweetest movie moments didn’t make it onto our list, let us know in a comment below!  In the meantime, make sure to check out the movies mentioned above and let us know what you thought about them.