Cupid's Pulse Article: Maria Shriver Spends Arnold Schwartzenegger’s Birthday With HimCupid's Pulse Article: Maria Shriver Spends Arnold Schwartzenegger’s Birthday With Him

For Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the children come first.  A source close to the family told People that the two were seen getting lunch at Casa Roma in Beverly Hills Saturday as well as indulging in a day of shopping in celebration for the former California governor’s 64th birthday.  A second source said that despite the divorce Shriver filed last month, the two will take care of their children first.  “Arnold and Maria will always come together when it comes to supporting and loving their children,” the source said.  Their son Christopher was released from the hospital Monday following a boogie boarding accident resulting in a collapsed lung and two broken bones.

How do you establish independence after a divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

Moving forward after a divorce can be tough, but it’s not impossible.  Cupid has a few suggestions:

1. Family: There’s an old saying that blood runs thicker than water and never runs dry.  Your family can be a great way to help provide support until you get past the toughest points in your life.

2. Friends: Take some time to rekindle old friendships while solidifying your current ones.  Surrounding yourself with true friends can help keep you moving forward.

3. Yourself: Whether it’s going out with friends or moving into a new place, what’s most important is to take some time for yourself to heal. Relax, reflect and move on.

How did you move on after your divorce? Share your advice below.