Cupid's Pulse Article: Kardashian Women Throw Kim a Racy Bridal ShowerCupid's Pulse Article: Kardashian Women Throw Kim a Racy Bridal Shower

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom sealed the deal, and it’s almost time for Kim Kardashian and Khris Humphries to do the same.  On Saturday, the engaged couple took one step closer to taking their wedding vows at their bridal shower, according to E! Online.  With a classy touch of wine, party favors wrapped in small pink boxes, and an atmosphere of Kardashian fever, this bridal shower was everything, but a fail.  Guests did their part to keep it interesting as well.  As Kardashian and Humphries opened up their gifts, they were shocked to pull out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs!  Can we say classy, raunchy, and oh-so-Kardashian?

What are some ways to spice up a generic bridal shower?

Cupid’s Advice:

So you have the gifts, the guests, the decorations, the wine… the usual.  But how about we throw something innovative in there?  Spruce it up a bit!  Cupid has some ways to make your bridal shower far from the usual:

1.Games: No one can pass up a second chance at being a kid again, and what better way to have fun like a child than by playing games?  Bridal showers don’t have to be a “thanks for attending, thanks for the gifts, see you at my wedding, goodbye” type affair.  Keep the vibe bumpin’ with some fun games to fit your theme.

2.Tradition? Scratch that: Who says you have to do what everyone else does?  If you feel the urge to step out of traditional boundaries, then by all means, do so.  Instead of renting out a banquet room, throw your bridal shower at a movie theater. Rent out the “birthday room” and check out a romantic comedy after the festivities have died down.

3.Unexpected party favor: Don’t give your guest a picture frame or gift bag full of candy.  Instead, make your shower favors appropriate to you and your partner’s personality.  If you’re both obsessed with Trivial Pursuit, give them each a few cards from the game (or the game itself!).

What are your ideas to spice up a generic bridal shower? Share your comments below.