Cupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz and A-Rod Spend a Domestic Weekend TogetherCupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz and A-Rod Spend a Domestic Weekend Together

A movie star and a New York Yankee: could there be a more glamorous couple? But in Miami this past weekend, Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez actually spent a low-key, domestic couple of days together. According to RadarOnline, the high-profile twosome was spotted having a casual meal out and stopping at a local Whole Foods grocery store. Diaz, 38, is enjoying a break from filming her new movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

What are some signs that you’ve settled into a serious relationship with someone?

Cupid’s Advice:

After the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over, you and your sweetie will either get serious or call it quits. Cupid has some signs that you’ve settled down with your mate:

1. It’s the little things: Doing everyday things together, like grocery shopping, shows that you’re serious as a couple because you don’t need to impress each other anymore.

2. You have a routine: If you know that Tuesday night is pizza night and Saturday you go to the park together, you’ve settled into a routine with your partner. Once you’ve gotten into a groove, you’ve also settled into a serious relationship.

3. Nothing to hide: When you and your mate are totally honest with each other and don’t care about showing your flaws, you’re in deep. You’re probably past the honeymoon phrase when you’re comfortable being in your sweats with no makeup on in front of your mate.

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