Cupid's Pulse Article: Angelina Jolie Shares Her Secrets On Staying TogetherCupid's Pulse Article: Angelina Jolie Shares Her Secrets On Staying Together

After several years in the public eye, six kids, and a slew of movies to her name, Angelina Jolie spoke with Parade Magazine about how she keeps her relationship with Brad Pitt going strong.  “The children certainly tie us together, but a relationship won’t hold if it’s only about the kids,” Jolie said. “You also must be really interested in each other and have a really, really wonderful, exciting time together.  We do.  Brad and I love being together.  We enjoy it.  We need it, and we always find that special time.  We stay connected.  We talk about it. It’s very important.”

What can you do to keep the spark alive in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Staying interested in each other, enjoying each other’s company, and talking about things are all major components for a healthy relationship.  However, there are other ways to stay connected.  Cupid has some ideas:

1. Spice up your dates: Try doing something you and your partner wouldn’t normally do, like attending a wine tasting class, or a taking a spur of the moment road trip.  Opening yourself up to new options will reduce the chance of boredom.  Oh, and don’t forget to take turns planning the new adventures!

2. Talking dirty not your thing? Use the past as an aphrodisiac!  Stroll down memory lane and tell each other your most intimate and favorite time as a couple.

3. Nothing to talk about? Sometimes couples get to a point in their relationship where they think they know everything about the other person, and they have nothing additional to share.  Experience new things on your own and share it with your partner later.  Not only does it make for interesting conversation, but it can help you find fun, creative hobbies along the way.