Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Lopez May Have Hinted at Split With Marc Anthony in SongsCupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Lopez May Have Hinted at Split With Marc Anthony in Songs

He’s the father of her twins and the man she decided to marry.  However, Jennifer Lopez may have been singing subliminal lyrics about marriage troubles between she and Marc Anthony on her album Love? The title alone questions the stability of their marriage, but to supplement that, in one of the songs on the album, One Love, which Lopez co-wrote, the singer names off three previous loves before she gets to “number four.”  This one “sang to me, but I’m not sure, so worn out, but … made me wanna try once more,” she sings.  According to People, Lopez may be referring to her previous romances between Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Chris Judd and Ben Affleck, followed by “number four,” who is presumably Marc Anthony.

What are some ways to get your pain out in order to heal after a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Lopez has been in the entertainment industry for a number of years, so it only makes sense that she takes to singing as an outlet. But there are many other ways to let off intangible steam. What are some ways to get the pressure of emotional pain off of your chest? Cupid has some advice.

1. Wash your sorrows away: No one can ever go wrong with a nice, warm shower.  We all know that standing underneath steamy water pouring over our bodies can feel like the best thing ever.  Let the water seep into your pores and calm your emotions.

2. Adrenaline: This might be the only appropriate time it’s OK for you to “run away from your problems.”  If you’re feeling pain, taking a quick jog can work wonders.  Releasing endorphins can definitely help with the anger and hurt .  It makes you happy, while keeping you in tip top shape.

3. Creativity: Get creative!  Whether you write poetry, make collages out of magazine scraps, build or write music like Jennifer Lopez, getting creative is a great way to clear your mind of unwanted problems.  Pouring your emotions into something hands-on can relieve some of the pressure.

What is your outlet for releasing negative energy? Share your thoughts below.