Cupid's Pulse Article: Betty White Is Asked to Marine Corps BallCupid's Pulse Article: Betty White Is Asked to Marine Corps Ball

Betty White recently received a flattering invitation, following similar invitations to Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.   Sgt. Ray Lewis aked the 89-year-old former Golden Girls star to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball in a YouTube video, according to People.  “She’s funny, she’s sweet, she’s mature. She’s the all-around perfect woman,” he says. “I really think we’d have a good time. I’m fun, you know. I think I can make her laugh. I think she can make me laugh. I think we can laugh together.   So, call me!”  Unfortunately, White had to turn the offer down because of work. “I am deeply flattered and truly appreciate the invitation,” White said in a statement to Access Hollywood.  “As everyone knows I love a man in uniform, but unfortunately I cannot accept, as I will be taping an episode of Hot In Cleveland.”

If you’re busy and can’t go on a date, how do you let someone down gracefully?

Cupid’s Advice:

If you must turn down a date, do it with class.   Here are three ideas:

1. Be honest: If you keep it honest from the beginning, you won’t have to go through any twists and turns when he or she asks more questions about why you turned the date down.

2. Always give a reason: It’s rude to simply say “no.”  Always give a reason as to why you can’t go on a date with someone.  You may not feel obligated to do so, but there are millions of excuses out there.  Pick one.

3. Plan another date: If your reason is because of your busy schedule, make sure you let him or her know that you’re still interested, and plan another date at a more convenient time.   Make sure it fits into his or her schedule, too, although it may not be as busy as yours.

How did you turn down a date? Share below in a comment.