Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Ending Their MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Ending Their Marriage

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, and husband, Marc Anthony, also a singer and actor, have split after seven years of marriage, according to People. “We have decided to end our marriage,” they said in a joint statement.  Lopez, 41, and Anthony, 42, married in June 2004 in a private ceremony at Lopez’s Beverly Hills home.  They have 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

How do you announce your divorce to family and friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

When divorcing, it’s always better to tell your family and friends right away rather than procrastinating.  Here are some ways to break the news:

1. All at once: To avoid telling the same story time and time again, round everyone up at once.  Invite your soon-to-be ex-husband or ex-wife, and just as you announced your marriage to them, announce your divorce.

2. Don’t mind judgment: Divorce is frowned upon by many people, and this may happen once you break the news to the important people in your life.  However, you should overlook any negativity, because at the end of the day, you are doing what’s best for you.

3. Keep it cordial: No matter what the reason for the divorce may be, let your family and friends know that you will be mature about the situation.  Keep it civil with your old lover.  This should release a lot of the tension in the room and prevent any misunderstandings between your ex-husband or ex-wife and your family and friends.

How did you announce your divorce to your family and friends?  Share in a comment below.