Cupid's Pulse Article: How Social Media Changed Mila Kunis’ Dating LifeCupid's Pulse Article: How Social Media Changed Mila Kunis’ Dating Life

By Imani Brammer

Surrounded by dust tracks and equipped with camouflage and war gear in the middle of Afghanistan, there is a Mila Kunis fan.  This Kunis fan likes Mila so much, that he set aside time from his Marine Corps schedule to make a video asking Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball, November 18, in Greenville North Carolina.  This fan goes by the name of Scott Moore … and that’s Sergeant Scott Moore to us.

It turns out that the Friends With Benefits star had no idea what was going on until the topic was introduced to her during an interview with Fox.  When Fox broke the news to her, though she was shocked, she automatically said “yes,” after a bit of persuasion from her co-star, Justin Timberlake. 

“Do it for your country,” said Timberlake.

“I’ll do it for you,” Kunis said into the camera, speaking to Moore.

Let’s face it — Moore has guts, not only when it comes to fighting for his country, but also when it comes to putting himself out there for love.  What he did was such a sensation that his video can now be viewed on the Internet, from anywhere in the world.  If it weren’t for his public invitation, the news would have never landed in Kunis’ ears.  Social media has officially changed his dating life.

Fortunately, Moore’s image will be altered for the better too.  But social media isn’t always healthy for your dating life.  It can make, break, destroy and rebuild.  Though a cliché, this remains true.  Here are five ways the media can change a dating relationship:

1. Over the river and through the woods are rumors and rumors galore: Gossip has a bad effect on a relationship.  However, it can be difficult to ignore when it’s so easy to locate via social media vehicles.  The worst thing you can do is allow it to take over your life.

2. How about some privacy, eh?: No. No, no, no.  With media in your life, there is no privacy…unless you’re really, really good at being secretive.  If you want some intimacy in your relationship, don’t post conversations on Twitter or your Facebook wall.

3. Live up to what he/she expects: People try the best to live up to what the public expects of them.  Social media can lead to pressure to portray yourselves as a “perfect couple.”  The fact is, there’s no such thing.  Let go of expectations as much as you can, and live in the present.

4. Lasting impression: Social media can leave a lasting impression on your love life.  You never want to regret the memories you’ve had, but if all of it revolved around false rumors on Twitter and drunken tagged pictures on Facebook, it can be hard to look back positively on your relationship.

5. Growth: Then again, there’s always a bright side to it all.  Social media makes it so much easier to stay in touch or check-out a potential partner.  Of course, you can’t rely solely on the new technology but it is a good method of finding out information about someone you’re interested in dating.

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